Brexit: “Leave” voters are stupid

BrexitBrexit will decrease the standard of living and increase the gap between rich and poor.

Okay, let’s dispense with all the “respect the decision of the people” nonsense. Brexit is stupid. It’s a stupid decision that will hurt Britain in both the short and long term.  And the people who voted for it are stupid. Not only ignorant, not only frightened, not uninformed. Stupid.

This is a great reminder that the definition of average means that half of any population has an IQ below 100, and if you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with any American with an IQ of 95, you know it’s not so easy. It’s pretty much restricted to the price of ammo at Walmart, the schedule for Bible Camp and how many games the Tide will win next year. (Not quite sure what the British equivalent of those topics is, probably something to do with cod and Chelsea.)

However, stupid doesn’t mean wrong. The stupid are right. Globalization (however manifested) has the effect of accelerating change, and the intelligent profit disproportionately from change. Yes, the stupid profit from change, too. They get flat screen televisions and better drugs and cheap vacations in Portugal. However, they don’t get the good jobs in London and vacations to Patagonia. Only the smart and confident really hope for change. There’s a reason that study after study has shown that the intelligent and well-educated tend to be liberal and in favor of change, and the stupid and uneducated firmly against it.

Brexit will benefit the British stupid in at least one way. It won’t make them more well off. That ship has sailed. Manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back. Add however much tariff you like onto manufactured goods, China is still going to be cheaper and improvements in global communication and transportation means those goods will continue to make their way into Western markets.

Nor will it reduce the gap between the stupid and less-well-off and the toffs at the top. The Bible says the poor will always be among us (in four different verses actually, so I guess God has a pretty sound grasp on statistics). Well so will the rich. Brexit won’t reduce the gap between the poor and the rich in Britain one pence. If anything, it will reduce the standard of living at the bottom and increase the gap. However, it will reduce the number of the rich, both because it will choke off opportunities for upward mobility among the brighter born into the lower classes and also because the best and brightest young Brits are online applying for U.S. green cards even as we speak. See ya. Therefore it will reduce the number of successful people the poor see, which might feel like success, I guess.

The problem with being stupid, you see, is that you’re too stupid to know you’re stupid. You think Wasilla is a great place to live. So you tend to dismiss experts as being disconnected eggheads who have no common sense and instead vote for people who are able to manipulate emotions. Stupid people can’t help it.

Now, if I were a little bit nicer person, I’d feel sorry for the Brits, including the stupid ones who just carefully aimed the economic gun at their big toes and pulled the trigger. But I don’t. Not really. Because as long as half the world is stupid and can be bought off with economic trinkets, like meaningless planks written into party platforms, the non-stupid get to live in big houses and drink Veuve.

Cheers! Well done, Brits. What a splendid example of independence. You’ve taught those dark-skinned Euros a lesson, by Jove. Can’t tell you how much I respect your decision. How’s Arsenal going to do this year?

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  1. what a reactionary and poorly thought out essay. the gentleman must be talking his book. people are finally beginning to get fed up with being forced to accept that which does them little good but make disposable junk that much cheaper. real quality of life is on the decline my unobservant [ or perhaps agenda laden] good man everyone sees that but those that benefit otherwise