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Hillary Clinton will lose in a landslide.

coetxg-ueaajfolWe can build a bridge to tomorrow, with hopes and dreams and renewable energy and some new alloy that US Steel is keeping under wraps. The common man has achieved equal status with the upper crust. We can come to some arrangement wherein power is shared and, gradually, peacefully, handed over. The future belongs to the folks who live then.

Hillary Clinton is not part of that future. She is a hired gun, an enforcer of the regime. Bernie Sanders is a visionary who sees it coming. He’s been consistent his whole life saying what the Chinese already know, that without internal stability there is no external security. Why do you think we fell apart like a dry rotted tapestry during a guerrilla attack? September 11th was scary. I was there. I inhaled the asbestos from the twin towers. It was not “uproot the foundation of the republic” scary. Why, then, did we uproot the republic?

Because the republic is a threat to the regime. The new boss is an international financial apparatus, attempting, successfully, to divide and conquer the entire world. When the EU devoured Greece, when NAFTA devoured Mexico, those were the first fruits of the harvest. Great Britain stands in the way. USA stands in the way. The other EU countries, and Canada, the other NAFTA country, stand in the way as well, but they haven’t realized it yet.

Today, an Italian court held a CIA operative responsible for illegally extraditing an Egyptian citizen. The practical upshot of that mind-bending sentence is that the international order is not too far gone to hold international lawbreakers accountable for their actions. We remain free people, all of us. Foreigners under the protection of the Italian government are legally defended against the global security apparatus. Let’s pause for a moment and celebrate that fact.

If we want to keep America free, we have to rise up against the media narrative that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primary fair and square. It was never fair. It wasn’t fair when the media gave her a ninety percent lead over Bernie Sanders at the beginning, and it wasn’t fair when the media declared her the official winner the day before the California primary. Give the Republican Party credit for respecting the inviolate will of the people. They hate Trump, but he won the election, and they’re not trying to take it away from him.

This part is crucial. The people who voted for Bernie Sanders will not vote for Hillary any more than the people who voted for Trump would vote for Jeb Bush. That fourfold spike in voter turnout that the Republicans enjoyed? That turnout will carry the day against Hillary without question. Loyal Democrats will line up behind Bernie Sanders. Independents will never, ever, line up behind Hillary Clinton. She will lose in a landslide.

The “irregularities,” the paucity of Democratic ballots at polling places, the purged voter rolls, all those work in favor of the Republican candidate. Bernie can drive idealistic youth to the polls, firebrands who won’t stand for that sort of malarkey. Hillary voters may be slightly put out, but they really need to get to the drugstore. She’s gonna lose worse than Dukakis.

If Donald Trump implements his two pronged foreign policy of 1. Fuck Mexico and 2. Fuck China, global stability will unravel. Mexico’s economy depends on manufacturing durable goods. China’s economy depends on manufacturing everything else. If we take US consumer spending out of those equations, Mexico will fall into the hands of a strongman, and China will start expanding geographically to offset the shortfall and feed her people. Remember it will be four years before a US President changes these policies or intervenes, so Mexico and China will both be very nationalistic and very strong. This is a recipe for world war.

Hillary Clinton is a great politician. Times like these call for unflinching leadership. She changes with the wind. So does Trump. Bernie Sanders doesn’t change for volcanoes or catastrophic meteors. Let go of your fear and nominate the only honest man you’ve seen in American politics these many years. Settle for anything less, and you’ll have only yourself to blame.