Squinting at another reality

She was shuffling around Nakamise Dori, the shopping boulevard that leads to Sensō-ji in Asakusa. She touched a lot of elbows trying to speak to people who pulled away and ignored her. This did not phase her. She kept moving through the crowd, sizing up the passersby with a laser-sharp focus that seemed to cut through the communal illusion that we are all okay and everything will be fine…

(Asakusa, Tokyo 2015. See more of my work here.)

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  1. I’ve always wondered how you get people to cooperate with you. Some of your subjects are less than … what’s the term I’m after here? … fully present. But they seem to be more than willing to show you the essence of the moment they’re in.

    • One just has to seem really casual about being deadly serious. The more one wants it, the less receptive people are.