Hillary, give ’em the bird

2dc1cb1bf5c2308b-birdie-sticker-500#BernieOrBust movement feels democracy itself is threatened. Sanders as VP candidate would ease those worries.

Hillary Clinton is worried about party unity. She should be. Bernie Sanders leads a grassroots movement larger than the one which swept President Obama into office in 2008. Ten million people have voted for him already. Worse, a large and vocal part of this grassroots movement feels betrayed by the Democratic Party, which has unsuccessfully waged war against the Bernie Sanders movement at every turn, beginning with a biased debate schedule, and culminating in the vulgar display of power by which the remaining Nevada delegates were assigned three days ago.

Compounding this systemic bias, a shocking number of voter registrations have been changed without the voters’ knowledge or consent, the most obvious example being the 120,000 people secretly purged from the voter rolls in Brooklyn. A test balloon was floated yesterday purporting that the Clinton Campaign is not responsible for these changes, going so far as to insinuate that foreign agents, Russian hackers sowing discord for the benefit of Mr. Trump, are psychologically manipulating Democratic voters. While this sounds wildly implausible on its face, a simpler and more direct rebuttal of this narrative is to point out that the who and how is irrelevant. The question on the minds of #StillSanders voters is why no attempt was made to count their votes. Even if the Clinton Campaign didn’t technically do it, if they reap the benefits without crying foul and demanding free and fair elections, they’re guilty of collusion.

Hence the #BernieOrBust phenomenon. An ever growing contingent of the Bernie Sanders movement feels that democracy itself is being threatened. Americans as a whole, and especially politically conscious primary voters, are not inclined to sit idly by and just let the gears of a political machine mangle the inalienable rights which America was created to protect, and which continue to be defended at so dear a cost. They won’t stand for it. Every time HRC declares victory while the votes are still being counted, the rift widens. Every time the mainstream media calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out, the chasm deepens. These are future leaders, motivated by ideals. This is the Democratic Party of tomorrow. They’re not going away because “someone” changed their voter registration, and they’re not going to be silenced by threats. Shots were fired into the Nevada campaign headquarters during the campaign, and yet the Bernie Sanders movement was more vocal than ever when the Democratic Party leaders told them to sit down and shut up.

Basically, it comes down to this. Millions of voters, approaching half of the Democratic voter base, support Bernie Sanders, and feel that their right to elect their own leaders is being threatened by the Democratic Party. Party unity is a tough sell for this crowd. The idea of refusing to vote for Hillary has gone viral. I only see one way out of this predicament.

Bernie Sanders as Vice President on the Democratic ticket. Stay with me. I know Bernie has said he will not even consider it. I know the Clintons have an enemies list, and Bernie is probably number one with a bullet. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Almost half the Democratic base is currently giving the Democratic Party the Bernie Sanders side-eye. They want to vote for Bernie. Let them. Where else can Hillary get the credibility she needs? When she talks about breaking up the big banks, Republicans laugh. If she could snap her fingers and become Bernie Sanders on the stump, don’t you think she’d do it? This way she can. She’s got nothing to lose and ten million votes to gain instantly. It still might not be enough to stop the rise of Trump, but it’s a lot better than the either/or scenario we’re looking at right now.

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  1. Oh come on, Bernie has been clobbered by 57% to 42%, certainly not larger than Obama’s get real for even an instant.

  2. Get real. Another great slogan of the No-We-Can’t party. Ignoring the widening rift in the Democratic party won’t make it go away, unless you think Hillary is so powerful she doesn’t need voters anymore.