Trump is going to need a cabinet

And it is going to be GREAT

Presumptive Secretary of Defense Ted Nugent

Presumptive Secretary of Defense Ted Nugent

Okay, I’m a realist. I have to accept that there is a legitimate possibility that Trump will be president. In which case, the best thing we can hope is that he surrounds himself with a cabinet up to the task at hand. This will be a daunting task.

So now is the time to start thinking up his fantasy cabinet. Who are the very best people he should entrust to each of these critical roles?

Now, I’m thinking populist, here. His cabinet doesn’t need to be experts in their fields. They need to be his best advisors and lieutenants, in essence. His best faces for all the things he’s going to make great. They are going to be the ones with the experts and engineers, and financiers, and you know, dealmakers, and they’ll just be the best people in their fields, that’s who will advise our cabinet. And Trump’s cabinet is going to know how to trust those experts. They’ll know when something’s not right. They’ll feel it. You feel it. Something’s not right. And that’s how Trump’s cabinet is going to make things right, the way his plan says is right. And he’ll have their ear, not the experts, unless he needs them, but no, he’ll be talking directly with these people in his cabinet.

And they need to be people of the people. You know, people you know. So, for instance, I think it is important that we give serious consideration to the possibility that Trump’s cabinet may well be very populist, and popular, too, driven not, well, not necessarily by celebrity, but by being you know, kind of personalities in their own right, people you know. Celebrities. And there are some people that would just be ideal for their roles.

His pick for veep is crucial. I’m thinking Gene Simmons. No, no. Think about it. Biden:Obama::Gene Simmons:Trump. Bumbling, goofy, awkward, the cool uncle who teaches the kids new ways to annoy the parents any maybe say some awkward things that need explaining later. But he gets the job done behind the scenes and can still get your attention when he needs to. Simmons would be great. And you just know you want to see him presiding over the Senate. What could be more metal?

For defense, we need to think out the box here. Not someone from within the military, an outsider. But someone who would be strong for America and boldly stare down our enemies. That has to be Ted Nugent.

If I keep going with that general scheme in mind, this is what I come up with.

Secretary of State: Rand Paul

Secretary of the Treasury: Ron Paul

Attorney General: Clint Eastwood

Secretary of the Interior: Cliven Bundy

Secretary of Agriculture: Hank Williams, Jr.

Secretary of Commerce: Rudy Guiliani

Secretary of Labor: Mike Rowe

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Ben Carson

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Zoltan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch

Secretary of Transportation: Tom Cruise

Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin

Secretary of Education: Jesse Ventura

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Kid Rock

Secratary of Homeland Security: Chuck Norris

Who do you think should be on his dream cabinet? What about Hillary’s? Maybe Sanders’?



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  1. trump is not perfect but what we need is to break the mold and get someone who is not a politician in office. the politicians have done nothing good for this country in the last decade and more. Obama has tripled the national debt. health care is still not affordable. unless we think living on credit can be done forever and not effect the economy. certainly I would not want Hillary. her history has nothing good from before she got involved with politics and was a member of a board of directors taking money from the share holders. taking from the poor and giving to the rich. if she is elected I think before she is done the value of the dollar will be destroyed, if it is not too late already, as well as the inalienable right to protect your self with weapons that do not put the honest citizens at a disadvantage. government really needs decentralization. closer to the people. the feds certainly have lost touch with the population and wastes enough money to feed the world. I will crawl back under the bridge now

    • We keep electing the worst of the worst politicians, and from that you conclude that we need to get away from politicians. By that logic, football sucks because the Cleveland Browns suck, music sucks because Justin Bieber sucks, and meteorology sucks because the clown on the Channel 7 weather is a dork.

      How about this: we need to elect BETTER politicians.

      • easy to say, but pulling hands out of deep pockets is very hard to do. changing that ingrain culture might only be done by removing the money. I am not sure it can be done. we are headed for the greatest depression this world has ever seen. it could very well take decades to get out of this mess. the big problem is living beyond our means maybe balancing the budget would be a good start but tripling the national debt the last 8 years is going to come back and bite us. you see living within our means is political suicide. economic adjustments can not be stopped only delayed and that will always make the correction that much worse. it is not just one parties fault, greed has a lot to do with it. human nature I guess, it will be hard to fix the political machine, maybe impossible. I hope I am wrong, I have no problems being wrong it will be a lot better then what I see in the future. what is the old joke politicians are lawyers the can’t make a living at their trade.

        • So you’re going to remove the money with … a billionaire product of the system who inherited his money and used the system to duck his failures via bankruptcy four times?


        • well, I believe in my right to protect myself because no one else is going to do it. I said he is the best pile in the bowl, I did not say he is perfect. supposedly there was only one of those if you believe the crap. he is better then someone taking guns from the society. taking them from the honest citizens is like making them pay for criminals actions. I believe in freedom, freedom to choose my own path. government has already taken to many freedoms. they are now confiscating money and making people prove it is theirs. guilty until proven innocent. of course we now think torture is ok as long as the end justifies the means. no this country is headed in the wrong direction. I hope we can change it. if you do not want a gun, I am fine with that

        • 1: When did we start talking about guns? Other, I mean, than the fact that seems to be the only thing you EVER talk about. I can say it sure is a nice day outside and your answer will have something to do with Hillary taking your guns.

          2: He isn’t the best in the bowl. He’s the worst, by far, in a VERY NASTY BOWL.

          For your own sake, you need to try and think past the limitations of your ideology and your really self-defeating preconceived notions. You list everything that’s wrong in your life right now. If Clinton wins it will get worse. If Trump wins it will get ten times worse. And this is coming from someone who detests Clinton.

          There’s one person in the race who represents even a sliver of hope, and that’s Sanders.

        • I know what has been done to the economy, and it is not just the US, it is pretty much all the biggest economy of the world. decreasing the value of their currencies at the expense of the people that have savings and not a big debt owed to everyone. not only people but world economies. as Obama only wants 2% inflation, so in 20 years with compounding what you have saved is worth less the 50%. penalizing the only people who have it together. I brought up guns because I believe prohibition has never worked and that is what our government and Hillary want to do. the magna charta stated it and it was probably stated before in history. the right of the people to own weapons for protection. of course then it was swords instead of rakes. it is an inalienable right. it is not given or taken away. I am very passionate about because the results of trying to prohibit guns will end far worse then the war on drugs. the war on anything, just get their patriot spirit going and we can do what ever. my preconceived notions make more sense then trying to fix the political system and the politicians. trump is not great and will probably screw up to. maybe he has taken out bankruptcy and I believe the system is abused. he has not been spoon feed the political system. maybe that is why he is popular. maybe people are tired of the same old crap. just as back when the magna charta was written take the arms away from the peasants, it makes them easier to control them. everything is not right in my life true. I hope it is in yours. I am fighting coke dealers who have killed my dogs and threatened my life. been threaten by many gangs the police will not protect me who is going to? the second amendment protects the first and all the others. the right to own a gun has been diminished for along time.. it has gain ground in the last 25 years. I do not want it to start back the other way. your safer because of it. why? the amount of guns in society has increased tremendously since the 90’s. the crime rate has fallen everywhere except those states with abusive laws. the supreme court ruled it a right in a 5 to 4 vote. now that one of the pro gun justices have died, if a democrat puts a justice that is not a logical thinker like those anti gun ones which is a democrat then everything could change. yes I am worried but what ever happens they can come and kill me first if they want my guns I will not give them up. the problems caused by such an occurrence would be catastrophic. I believe there are a lot of people that think the same. it goes back to freedom and the right to defend yourself against criminals.

          as far as hope, I hope I am wrong about where the economy is going and if what I think is coming comes, most that have no guns will be sorry they have no guns. it will be like big city riots the police will be no where to be found. people starving looking for food, gangs roaming trying to in-rich their life’s. to me this is the scariest things have been. these drug dealers can kill me but they will not scare me. I am just someone trying to survive. yes I am a little beat, my rental tested positive for meth and trying to clean it up has taken a lot of my time. I do not care what people do they can do all the drugs they want it is their right and should not have been made prohibitive. separation of church and state and freedom. the second amendment was made to protect freedom and it is an important part of any election. the democrats have stated they want registration and very simply it leads to confiscation always has. just as hitler made a gun registration just before he confiscated them from the jews. of course democrats took guns away from the blacks way back when. it is strange how everything that changes remains the same. I will crawl back under the bridge. discussion is good prohibition is bad.

    • Okay, so this doesn’t work for playing Fantasy Hillary Cabinet? *ducks*

    • I’m glad you thought to link back to yours, Dr. Denny. To be honest, I’m not sure which prospect is scarier…the rational picks from the oligarchy that you envision, or my alternately tongue-in-cheek/raspberry blowing populist ones.

        • very true Samuel. of course idiots always think they are right even after someone pointing out where the real problems are. I guess the people are finally getting sick of politicians and they are going to put soda in all the drinking fountains. gee, I thought they would have grown up sooner but that is life.