To get rid of a barbarian, pay him off


image courtesy of Slate.com

The total number of votes cast in the primaries in swing states:

Democrats Republicans
Florida: 1,664,003 2,276,926
North Carolina: 1,076,699 1,109,048
Virginia: 778,865 952,714
Ohio: 1,192,815 2,011,357
Wisconsin: 1,000,703 1,083,574

If Trump wins those five states, he’ll have 276 electoral votes and become President of the United States. Granted, not all Republicans will support Trump, but Florida is out of play by half a million votes, and Ohio is out of play by over 800,000. If you think Republicans will vote for a Democrat you haven’t been listening to the conservative talking points. They think Hillary is a criminal and Bernie is a communist. I expect they’ll take their chances with Trump.

My advice to my Republican friends is this. If you want your political party back, you have to buy out Mr. Trump. He doesn’t have enough money to run for president. That was a lie. If he did, he wouldn’t be courting big donors, breaking his promise to never take money from special interests. Make sure he can’t get the money. Then pay him to go away, just like Helmsley-Malkin paid him to stop destroying the reputation of the Empire State Building. He wants you to think he has all the leverage. That’s the art of the deal. You have to be prepared to walk away.