Poetry for Engineers

Sylvia Plath – Fever 103


Throw the first stone.

I will endure it.

I am purified by fire.


-Poetry for engineers summarizes poems with attention to style and usage.

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  1. Tulips

    Let me die already, you parasites.

    It’s probably just the drugs talking.

  2. I agree the last line was lazy. I changed it. This is harder than it looks. Last night I read the E.E. Cummings summary to my wife and she replied, “Where did the canoe come from?” No symbols. Simile is fine. Metaphor is a gray area. I like your poem if I think of it as Nirvana lyrics.

    • My reply was nothing about your laziness 🙂 Can’t opine on what I don’t see/doesn’t exist! It just really reminded me of Tulips, and this approach pretty well summed up my entire take-away from that poem.