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Your Daily Devotional for April 29, 2016

Not to be outdone, Trump has announced that a headless Barbie doll will be his running mate.
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  1. well, voting I guess comes down to voting for the least offensive pile in the bowl. they all stink! that said, maybe we need a business man instead of a politician in office, we certainly are not heading in the right direction living on credit. maybe we need someone that does not spend everything in the budget so they can raise their budget the next year. just a thought. not knowing what a troll is a guess I might be one. certainly I am tried of all the politicians taking my freedoms away for the good of the country. just a bunch of frogs in a pot on the stove enjoying themselves.

    • A businessman like Trump, who inherited massive money from dad, who declared bankruptcy four times and who would have more money today had he simply put what he inherited in an index fund and left it alone? You mean that kind of businessman? Or maybe the kind like Fiorina, who ran the company into the ground and is mainly famous for firing everyone she could find?