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Your Daily Devotional for April 27, 2016

Fortune cookie message: “They’re coming for you. Don’t turn around. There is a loaded gun taped to the underside of your table.”
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  1. YOU MUST BE TALKING ABOUT THE POLICE COMING FOR ME TO GET MY GUNS. well, guns have protected the civilians of this country for a long time. the right for self protection goes back to the beginnings of people running into others, even before they grouped into large numbers. it was reaffirmed by the MAGNA CHARTA. THEN BY OUR OWN BILLS OF RIGHTS. it is an inalienable right. it can not be given or taken away. should Hillary win and come after guns I believe that the population will not give them up without a fight. I am old and set in my ways let them start with me. I will be more the then happy to be the first one they come and kill to get my guns. I am sorry I am an American citizen at times like these. people thinking torture is alright (the end justifies the means) people trying to sue gun manufacturers out of business. why has someone not tried to sue a car manufacturer because someone used it to kill someone else. a knife, bat, and steel pipe manufacturer’s being sued for deaths caused by these items. it is nice that you live in an area that you fell you do not need a gun, but some of us actually really need one. the police are not going to be there to protect you, they are glorified janitors. they come in and make sure they get the mess cleaned up. usually they try and find the perp, but they have no legal responsibility to protect you. the police are there to protect society as a whole. if they accidentally help a citizen then that is great, but you can not sue them because they did not protect you. that should be part of their job, but it is not. trying to sue manufacturer’s product because someone used it inappropriately does not make sense. hell we can sue the farmer if we die eating some of his produce and choke to death. gee things are really go to be fun in the future. there is a great depression coming and we are lucky enough to see it first hand. our country believes it can live on credit forever. the country is no different then an individual and when it goes bankrupt it will really be interesting. hell we can live on credit give everyone free medical and guaranteed income whether they work or not. just as communism is marching toward capitalism, our economy is headed for communism. there is a reason why capitalism works, it rewards those that work hard and do things right. the most important right is the one that protects the rest including free speech. guns protect people far more then they are used for evil of course you never here about those, because most of the media are antigun.

    sorry for the rambling. if they want all the guns they can start with me. I live in a bad place and over the past 30 years I have been threaten with death by many different gangs. the one right now is a drug ring. they told me I was not going to live very long. how would you take it?
    GUNS ARE GOOD, CERTAIN PEOPLE ARE BAD, THEY ARE DIFFERENT! it would seem to me we should be going after the bad guys and not give them an edge. bad people do not obey the laws. they will be more then happy to see guns illegal, it helps in their trade. we are headed for ugly times and law and order will be missing, when everyone is starving to death. THE WORLD IS HEADED FOR THE GREATEST DEPRESSION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. YOU CAN BLAME THE POLITICIANS. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ADJUSTMENTS TO THE ECONOMY AND TRYING TO KEEP THOSE ADJUSMENTS FROM HAPPENING JUST MEANS PUTTING OFF THAT ADJUSTMENT UNTIL LATER THOSE ADJUSTMENT KEEP ADDING UP UNTIL WE GET A REALLY BIG ONE. hold on to your hats and everything that you have it is going to get ugly.

    • What reason do you have to believe that Clinton will come for your guns after eight years of Obama not coming for them? Is there some evidence or reasoning here, or just more paranoid NRA talking points?

        • it does not mater who was in office or not it was a bad bill and has not been renewed because of that. if I am a troll so be it. almost all the politicians are crooks with their hand in deep pockets. the only one ruling the roost is the deep pockets. I would be more democratic if they left the guns allow. simply put prohibition on anything does not work and makes criminals out of otherwise good people. crime is going up in England and Australia because of their gun laws. we have people in prison for smoking pot. no prohibition works on anything at any time. tell me one that has worked. Hillary has stated perfectly clear, that we need to model our gun control after Australia. that sounds like gun control to me. she is quite robin hood steal from the poor and give to me.

      • Obama has stated that the lack of gun legislation is his only regret. he was the boss when holder and the atfe head sold guns to criminals and let them walk with the guns. officer Terry was killed at the boarder with one of those guns. hundreds of Mexicans and who knows how many of our citizens were killed because of his right hand man and a gun control scheme gone the only way it could have. makes me wonder whether they wanted the publicity over the deaths, but the scheme back fired. gee I thought he was anti guns and here he is selling to criminals. the legislature has denied his anti gun legislation. in gun control just like everything else you slowly take the right away. like a frog in warm water on the stove, by the time he realizes that it is too hot he is dead. Hillary has said she wants Australia’s form of gun control. same with Obama. Australians are or have made lever action guns illegal just recently. unfortunately with the passing of the supreme court judge the right is hanging by a thread. the last vote was a 5 to 4 ruling you had that inalienable right was even a right at all. as it stands now it is a 4 to 4 vote. I do not believe that congress will allow Obama the choice and the next president will probably replace 2 or 3 justices that will shape the course for America for many years. personally I think Hillary is a bigger hustler then Obama. her attitude was take from the poor and give to the rich. isn’t that what white gate was about. maybe I got the name wrong? personally I like the nra, but I am not religious and they are. the first thing you need to do is register all the guns and then you go pick them up, just as Hitler did. in fact the form you sign to get a gun was translated directly from the one Hitler used before he took the guns from the jews. that is why they made national register illegal at the same time. the government is breaking that law as type. they knew what Obama and Hillary want to do leads to confiscation. one step at a time. the end results is getting rid of the guns. of course just as in Australia they are going after the guns they left the last time right now. FREEDOM IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE, it takes fighting to keep it. our government is slowly taking our freedoms away. guns are the last draw, pun intended. sorry, but I feel safer with everyone having a gun as opposed to just the criminals. the amount of guns in society has probably at least tripled since the 90’s. as sales of guns has gone up in record volumes, crime has dropped. except in those antigun states like Illinois, New York, and California. strange that those places that do not recognize that right have a high crime rate and it has been falling in the other states since the early 90’s when Florida was the first state to allow concealed carry. at that same time they were having rental cars held up at rest stops. when they finally caught the perps, they were asked why they did what they did and the gangs answer was we knew they did not have a permit to carry guns. criminals are chicken shit lazy mother f***ers and do not want any resistance. you will even find that those crazy mass murders go places that do not allow guns to do their dirty work. check it out. since they went to a place that did not allow guns they must not have been totally crazy. we need to allow the victims to defend themselves against criminals. teachers that want to carry should be allowed, if the time ever comes they might be able to save many lives. police action do not even allow the officers to go in until they have the place outside secured. a recipe for disaster. they care about their personnel over the students being killed. that really makes me confident about police protection. I had no kids so it does not affect me, but it is unbelievable to me that we do not allow the protection of our own kids. just like living on credit it does not make sense it protects the politicians and anyone that cannot control their spending. just as all the people that want to remove the guns have body guards. take the guns away from the body guards and lets see who wants the guns removed. the odds are you will never need a gun and I hope that is true for you. taking the guns from honest upstanding citizen only protects the criminals. as far as I am concerned if they get shot while plying their trade we have then saved a lot of court costs and other cost as well. people can and do change but mostly they stay the same.

        • sorry, just giving my opinion. just remember the next down fall in the economy has been caused by all the presidencies and congress. it will not be a recession but a depression the greatest the world has ever seen. because most of the countries in the world are following the same path. if you are calling me a mule so be it. sticks and stones kill more people then guns, and names have never hurt me. I guess other points of view are not acceptable to you because you know you are right and everyone with a different opinion is wrong, right! come on, allow discussion. logic will always win the day for those that can think.

        • Our economic troubles have been caused, and will continue to be caused by politicians IN THE POCKET of business. The term you’re after is “oligarchy.”

        • well, no one has the balls to do what is need, and you are right they are all in deep pockets (well most). this president has over doubled the national debt. it is not all his fault, except he continues to spend and like all the other politicians they create an economic policy to push the correction until after they have left office. well, they have put it off so long it is to the point it cannot be pushed off. how much lower can it go with negative interest rates (crazy). I am talking about most of the worlds governments. putting it off only makes the correction that much bigger. this next correction is going to be a dozy. I apologize for my skill with the English language. I graduated in ME and went into the MBA program. English has always be my downfall, but not logic. yes Obama and Hillary want to have the same gun control as England and Australia. to me that means they want my semi automatic weapons. by the way even though everyone is calling the automatics they are not. you have to push the trigger to fire each round. automatics are legal in the US, but they cannot bring in any new ones and the ones that are in circulation are already highly controlled and register with the government.
          the amendments are individual rights not a collective right. they are individual rights and no one can take them away legally. the right to bear arms is not a right to own the type the government says I can have. that right and the right to free speech are the rights that the population can use to fight an invasion or a government gone wrong. yes even the framers of the documents knew that government can get abusive and needs to be put in check once and a while. that right to self protection has already been abused. I would like it to stop. of course, what the hell can I do? speak my mind. if it comes down to it, I will fight for my rights.

        • I am not defending anyone, like I said it is a matter of which pile you want in the toilet bowl, they all stink. I do not like Obama and I am not racist. his policies could not have come at a worst time. trying to put everyone on health insurance at this time was ridiculous. like a guy that has no control over his buying stuff with his credit card, sooner or later some one will have to pay and it will be your kids, kids, kids and so on. just take a look at some of the nations that could not control their spending. it does not end well. but before inflation I see deflation and it sticking around for many years. Japan has been there for 10 to 20 years. you cannot print your way out of deflation or prop up the economy for every long.