Not endorsing, just calling it: Trump in 2016

This is where consistency gets me

If I’m going to be really cynical about politics and assume that Big Business calls the shots, government jumps, I should run with it. Many of us already do, so why not? So government’s proper role and function in that case is two things: rubber stamp Big Business and look good while doing it. It’s all optics. Keep a good face on it.
And of course, the consolidated media is going to show what our corporate overlords want us to see…a sanitized version of everything, filled with artificial choices and a recurring theme of despair. There’s nothing to fix. There’s no way to fix it anyway, so why bother? Here, buy this.

So what the corporate overlords are going to want is a president that will rubber stamp their agenda, look good doing it, all while surrounded by a cabinet looking good doing it.
Unless…what if it turns out that a scandal-prone, gaffe-prone political machine is better for ratings? Same rubber stamp. Different window dressing. Slapstick window dressing. And now that same rubber-stamping mechanism, by design, helps generate media ratings-driven revenues, which trickle upwards into the coffers of the media consolidators, and from their pockets into those of lobbyists, who by now should just be considered registered Wall Street executive liaisons there to deliver the latest batch of Ready-to-Stamp demands and a bag of money so freshly-printed from whole cloth that the ink is still wet.
I’m thinking that’s it. Exactly it. In 2016, we’ll get the President best able to jack ratings through the roof. Bernie will never make it. Kasich would be like having negative ratings. Hillary, for all her corruption, would probably making twisting in the wind look boring.
That leaves Trump. Ever other word out of his mouth generates a headline. His poorly painted human-skin bodysuit makes for good optics. He flails around comically when he’s serious and only gets better at it the more outrageous his statements. He would step on every world leader’s dick outside our borders (sorry Angela). And the amount of domestic outrage he’ll generate between the outraged, the outraged at the outraged, the 3rd degree outragers outraged at all the outrage, oh, that would be priceless.
Now, the big question is really, “who will be the advertisers during the news?” Those are the companies to invest in now.
Disclaimer: I’m not qualified for anything. Heed my counsel at your own risk.

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  1. personally do not like any of them but at least trump has not been raised in politics. so of his views I do not like but at least he claims he is a supporter of the second amendment.

      • This is one of those times when, tongue in cheek or not, I just hope I’m wrong. But if I’m not wrong, the left should be putting together a solid game plan for what to do in the event of a Trump presidency. Of course, by left I don’t mean Dems. As part of the rigged system, their job would also be ratings-generating optics of no substance. I mean the actual left. Nobody in the establishment GOP will do anything because they’re just part of the same shitshow. And the people that *could* do something can’t/won’t because they’ll take a long time to realize that getting their boy into office was still just another screw job.

  2. I am for a free economy, but if we try and regulate business to death no one except government workers will have a job. we need to make sure the business thrive or aLL IS LOST. since it is to late to fix the mess, we need to allow the economy to get rid of all the bubbles produced by our government trying to make a population of people that do not have any extra money spend it. we are making people that have no control of their spending look like they are doing it right. they first gave helicopter money to big business last time and it was suppose to trickle down. QE just made more money chasing the same goods as well. nothing has worked it has only postponed the correction and will make the correction much worse. now we are about to get more helicopter money, but this time to the population. it will not make the economy whole again just add more money to chase goods. actually the world is doing the same thing and guess what, it has not fixed the problem. it is going to get ugly, I hope I am wrong about where we are headed. 1/2 the population is employed by the government and the rest of us have to pay their wages. the federal government needs to be castrated. reduced power and size. all moral laws need to be eliminated. we are spending a lot of money and punishing those that do not do conform, trying to make everyone live the way some religion wants you to live. we need to separate church and state. we some how think torturing enemies is all right the end justifies the means. f*#* we are turning into the bad guys.

    • We’ve spent 40 years lowering (and eliminating) taxes on business and getting rid of every regulation we can find, to say nothing of how government has neutered unions. So, Art – are we better off now than we were 40 years ago?

      If not, why are you having such a hard time identifying cause and effect?

  3. He’s a danger because he’s pro corporations more than anyone else and is extremely racist and sexist. We get him expect WW2 only with the US having the Hitler.

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