If you have principles, that’s privilege

As I scan the headlines here and there, I encounter a new brand of fuckery…the claim that refusal to vote Hillary if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination is privilege. That’s some serious victim-blaming bullshit, that is. I hope it’s the kind of erroneous political fluff that doesn’t last long, but I’m not that hopeful because that’s exactly the kind of tackiness we’ve come to expect of politics.

What next, playing the race card when something isn’t about race?

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  1. I’ve been seething at this horseshit all afternoon and it has taken every ounce of will I have not to write a reply to this jackhat. I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted by people who can’t be bothered to acquaint themselves with the actual record.

    Which, now that I think of it, is a special kind of privilege, init?

  2. Your uncanny ability to see through the transparent shouldn’t be so advantageous, but judging from the looks of things, it is.

    I’m curious, have you heard any explanation of how the “you’re privileged” proposition itself isn’t actually demeaning those who aren’t privileged, as though lack of principle is the province of the underprivileged?

  3. What isn’t about race in the United States of America. Are you sincere here or are you a caricature satire of the clueless Sanders supporter? How could a presidential race have done a better job of showing it is all still about race than the one we have right now?

  4. I’m completely sincere. Sorry life is so simple for you that you can only see one issue and can still, ironically enough, disparage an entire group of people with the wave of a hand. Perhaps under a genuinely liberal government you could afford an education.

  5. Given that the electoral system of America produces a two party system, it does make sense to take electability into account. Someone who does not see large differences between the candidates of their party may thus vote based on electability.

    If it were purely about principles, there is likely somewhere a politicians whose views fit even better to yours, but does not stand a chance and who you thus do not even know about.

    The most frustrating this about this meme is that it implicitly assumes that Clinton is more electable because she is in the middle of the left-right axis according to the media. The population has moved on an finds the democracy-corporate power axis more important. All the evidence points to Sanders being more electable. Head to head polling, favourability and honesty ratings, enthusiasm, size of rallies, number of donors, more popular with independents.