6 comments on “In Bernie’s America, the people rule

  1. There is nothing like absolute tyranny or liberty but relative! Further USA had never any heritage of liberty, freedom, equality for the exploited, slaves, farmers, working class! It was for the rulers, exploiters!!
    Bernie is yet, another ‘ideologue’ of capitalism, who wants some ‘reforms’ in taxation, services for the exploited and not smash the base of such inequality, wage slavery!

  2. That U.S. Senator from Vermont up there, if he’s elected to the Presidency he wants to send your kids to college. Every one of the Republican candidates want to send your kids off to some gawd-forsaken hellhole to die in a war.

    I don’t care what they say, Bernie’s got great ideas and has a lot of integrity and passion. He’s no equivocator, he’s not for sale, and he’ll play by the rules. This means the U.S. Constitution. And Bernie Sanders is not for sale. He has no big Super PAC feeding his campaign and only wants very modest contributions to keep him on the campaign trail.

    I think Bernie Sanders would make a great President, especially considering that he’s fighting against a rogues gallery of Fascists and potential crooks.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Sen. Sanders.

  3. I was reading with interest until the author blurted:

    “The people of Russia could oust Vladimir Putin this very hour if they all stood together. His spies, his propaganda, his corrupt bureaucracy, his kangaroo courts, all are carefully designed to divide and conquer his people. Individually, they are helpless against him.”

    I am not at all surprised America is in such dire straits and can’t seem to ‘get it’ when people, who claim to be informed, such as the author of his post presumably does, are in total ignorance of what’s happening in the world outside of ‘America’, keep repeating lies such as these and ignore the very fact that Mr Putin is supported by over 80% of his people.

    Come on, do you really believe people are that ignorant? With discourse like that no wonder there is still so much support behind Hillary Clinton.

  4. “But there is only one thing which gathers people into seditious commotion, and that is oppression.”
    – John Locke

    “The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”
    – John Locke

    “He that uses his words loosely and unsteadily will either not be minded or not understood.”
    – John Locke

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