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Your Daily Devotional for January 14, 2016

Trump keeps forgetting about all the times he had to file for being morally bankrupt.
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  1. WELL, I dislike all the candidates, but I certainly would never vote foe Hilary. why shit, from being on the board of directors of a company scheming to take money from investors. she and bill made a lot of money on the appointment. now for the best reason not to vote democrat. they WANT only gun registration nationally. registration is always the first thing to be done before they take the guns. they have to know where to go get them. they Obama and her have said they want to get rid of the guns. bit by bit they will work to that end. did I mention when they had the form you fill out to by a gun, you know the one where you say there is no reason for them to not give you a gun. they also made it illegal to have a national register of the guns for just that reason. also that form was taken directly from Germany’s legislation that Germany past just before taking the guns away from the Jews. I know you are against guns, but it is like everything else. prohibition for anything does not work. never has, never will. does not matter whether it is for drugs, alcohol, you name it, it has never worked, only put money in the worst people on the planet’s pockets. if we want to be reasonable let us start with the truth.

  2. It is interesting to me why Americans so rarely question why so many Americans feel the need to own guns, Second Amendment not withstanding. Yes, I understand that some people like to hunt, or want to protect their families, or feel the need to be prepared to oppose a possibly impending dictatorship. But why do so many people in this country suffer from anxiety, depression, and what we call mental illness? Why are we so fearful as a nation and so inclined to feel afraid of our fellow human beings that we are constantly on edge and sense the need to defend ourselves? I personally do not feel afraid, and I don’t own any guns, although I live in a low income supposedly high crime neighborhood…but I feel that the gun debate is a materialistic approach to an existential problem. We, as a nation, feel that our collective future as a stable nation with a growing economy and opportunities for all people is a crumbling image based on no concrete reality. We don’t possess a collective vision or goal to build together a healthier world for our children. Our anxiety is based on a vague sense of menace, basically because we are not facing the real problems that we have the ability and means to face as a nation: building a healthy food system, creating industries to support a healthy energy supply and to heal our environmental issues, creating a working healthcare system…basically, putting people and the environment as priorities above profits and power for a privileged few.