Why wouldn’t Tim Tebow have sex with Miss Universe?

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  1. Your post leaves more questions than answers.

    Why would any of this be your business to comment on? Why make speculations about someone’s sexual orientation? Why do you care?

    There are so many politically incorrect assumptions in your thinking, I’m wondering what vacation spot your brain has travelled without you. For instance:

    If you are a person of color who doesn’t out perform “the white guys” you took away a white guy’s “opportunity” because of bull***t political backing. And this poor white guy, on the outs because of a lack of opportunity and having nothing else of worth in his survival kit besides a talent for throwing around an odd shaped ball is bagging groceries. Wow. I just can’t imagine how difficult it is to be a white man in today’s world.

    If you don’t want sex with the “most beautiful woman in the world” you’re probably gay. Because what guy in his right mind wouldn’t, right? Because we all know every single man in the world is a sex crazed maniac that would crawl into bed with anything that moves, because that’s what a “real” man does, right?

    The next time your brain goes on vacation, go with it–please.

    • I’ve read this five times and I still have no idea what you’re trying to say in that fourth paragraph. But if you’re suggesting that Tebow has a talent for “throwing around an odd shaped ball” all I can say is that I hope you know more about other things than you do football.

      • Not sure how you twisted this into a Tim Brando argument, but let’s ignore that and get into the real nub of it. Is it a fair assumption that there’s something amiss about the story of a male in his mid twenties who turns down sex? Having been one and known many, yes, Beth, there is.

  2. Lost of people set themselves up as paragons of some amazing virtue and come up short, for some reason or the other. It is disappointing, but true. The idealist in me wants to believe that Mr Tebow takes his virginity seriously enough to pass up extramarital sex with Ms Universe, the conspiracy theorist wants to grab the ‘he is gay and hiding behind the purity ring to dodge the homophobia that would come out of being exposed’ and run with it while the ‘realist’ part of me reckons that he is probably lying either about being a virgin, and or breaking up with Ms Universe specifically over the marriage outside of sex issue.

    Either way I reckon there is alot that has yet to come out in this strange drama.

  3. I have thought Tebow was likely gay since the first time I heard him interviewed, and absolutely nothing has happened to change this. The tragedy, as you suggest, is that if he is, his religious beliefs have consigned him to a life of self-denial and unhappiness.

    Worse, though, is that he has allied himself with the likes of Robert Jeffress, a virulently anti-gay preacher, and in doing so has declared war on those who happen to have been born different than the fundamentalist ideal. If I’m right, he’s declared war on himself.

    What a horrible way to live.

  4. Loved the childhood story Otherwise. On Tebow I’d never given his sexual orientation a thought. As my beloved wife would say, “Not your business.” Another of her homilies that comes to mind is, “For the true believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is enough.”

    As the latter I do cock my head a little when I read about purity rings and abstinence as faith. Too many examples of fallen televangelists and Josh Duggars come to mind I suppose. I’m willing to give Tebow the benefit of the doubt though because, well, it really isn’t any of my business.

    …and totally off the wall. Why does this remind me of LBJ and his fabled pet trouser snake Jumbo? What’s wrong with me…don’t answer that.

    • Timmy’s sexuality, or lack thereof, is none of our business. Until he steps into the pulpit with Jeffess and makes it a political issue. At that moment I go from caring not a whit to caring a great deal.

  5. Hiya Frank. Yes, I’m with Sammy on this one.

    I have friends who are probably gay and no, I don’t speculate on their sexuality. Absolutely none of my business. (I may wonder, because I’m nosy, but I keep my wondering to myself.)

    But Tebow has set himself up as a professional role model. Perhaps initially he and his fans thought he had a career as a professional athlete, but it soon became obvious he did not. Even other devout Christians thought he sucked.


    Yet he still got opportunity after opportunity. Not for what he could do on the field but for what he claims to be off the field. The same thing with his current gig as an announcer. No one really believes he has particular insight into the game of football–in fact there’s pretty overwhelming evidence that he can read defenses only slightly better than a blind border collie. He’s in the booth because he’s Tim Tebow, the brand. As such, I think it’s fair for us to question every single element of the brand proposition.

    As a rule, I get that hypocrisy is both necessary and universal, and we all need to give each other a break about our little inconsistencies. Bu it’s not hard to imagine some closeted Christian kid sitting in church listening to Tebow who’s life could be severely damaged by Tim’s false witness.

    • Wow. Thanks, Frank. I totally missed the cancellation and I have no idea how. This is good on Tim. Even if we were to find out that he did it for reasons of image instead of conviction, it’s good.

  6. Tim Tebow has a VERY noticeable lisp. He babytalks at age 28. He never misses a chance to wear pink and swivels his hands around at the wrist like a Prom Queen. He has posed at least twice for Mens Magazines that are reputedly favored by homosexual males, and takes his sister to social events as his date. His sister, for crying out loud. He helps circumcise children in the Philippines in his spare time. No reported relationship with a woman has ever worked out for Tim. We seldom, if ever, even see him in the same photo as one of his alleged flames. More likely two photos are simply placed side by side. The women he has been said to date have reputations as being Beards, and have dated other men who have since “come out”.

    Tim Tebow is gay. No doubt about it. This mommy’s boy is a closeted homosexual.

    • OK, I’m going to ask Sam to take this post down but not before I apologize and thank Nomo and Frank.

      As a blogger it’s not uncommon to work for weeks on a careful and important piece, put it out there, and get no comments whatsoever. Therefore it’s very tempting to occasionally do what I did with this piece. See something that you know will hit a chord with a very passionate group, take a provocative position and stand back and watch the fur fly. Those posts aren’t quite trolls because I suspect them to be true, but they’re certainly not far from it. For example, if I write a post on Tom Brady being a cheat, it may not be trolling but I know we’re going to get an outsized reaction as a result.

      That’s especially tempting here because the idea behind the Otherwise and Bonesparkle blogs is to take a Swiftian and vicious swipe at issues and events. Otherwise is supposed have outrageous positions on sensitive topics. I’ve taken some stands in the past that have caused fire to rain from the sky–why we treat some addictive behaviors differently, e.g., fat people as victims and smokers as villains; why we should wave the white flag on gun control; why we may want to limit immigration of people of Islamic faith because, like it or not (and I don’t,) we are de facto a Christian country and two evangelical faiths don’t mix well. In the main, I stand by those.

      However, this time I think I went too far for two reasons, and Frank and Nomo nailed them.

      First, I justified teasing Tebow because he’s a public figure and part of a religion that is very tough on gays. Now I do suspect him of being gay because of two events–the bizarre Urban Meyer meltdown and the purity ring. But I’m not sure the public figure argument is enough to justify the speculation. Frank was right.

      The second reason is made obvious by Nomo’s brilliant post. It’s a very, very short step from what I wrote to stereotyping. You take that process very far and it results in discrimination and worse. Nomo points that out brilliantly by exaggerating my argument for effect. Many gay males do choose to exhibit mannerisms that would lead a casual observer to infer they were gay, but for the most part those are deliberate. That is, it may be fair to assume someone is gay if they want you to make that assumption. It’s not fair to make assumptions if the person in question isn’t deliberately trying to send a signal. I just can’t think of behaviors that legitimize assuming someone’s sexuality without their express intent. Even not sleeping with Miss Universe.

      So thanks to Frank and Nomo and sorry, I went to far this time and thanks to you guys for clotheslining me.



      Sammy, let’s take this one down.

  7. You already know that he is a Christian.A true Christian don’t drink,don’t do drugs and abstains from sex.To them their virginity is the greatest gift they can give their wives/husbands.What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?That’s their belief.You have yours.

  8. I’m hung up on “true.” Religious ideologies are like pizza, there’s one for every taste. I like mine Hawaiian style with anchovies. Is that the one true pizza? If Sam like his with pepperoni and mushrooms instead shall I denounce him as a blasphemer and declare his soul doomed to spend all eternity in pizza hell?

    Assuming Jesus was a real person and the historical record has survived 2000 years relatively intact (both huge leaps of faith) then by accounts of the time he liked wine, hung out with whores and other social misfits, and never had much to say about human sexuality.
    His gig was charity and kindness. Everything else was made up after the fact by mere mortals just like us.

    • Frank, if you ever have any questions about what’s true and what isn’t it’s good to know we now have someone we can turn to for the definitive ruling. It’s always wonderful to find ex cathedra in the comment thread….