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#SNRGTR: Jim Booth’s three-for-one

There are three. Based purely on deep affection for them.

The first is George Harrison’s and Paul McCartney’s twin lead work on “And Your Bird Can Sing.” The Fabs were great players. With all the other baggage they carry, we forget that….

I am deeply fond of Jeff Beck’s “Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat” from his iconic album Wired. More and more I think of Jimi as #1, Jeff as #1A.

Dave Davies’s riff on “You Really Got Me.” This is the riff. Yes, every guitarist can learn and play it. But somebody had to think of it first. Dave did. How do you break through the horde of Brit Invasion bands to stand at the top level with The Beatles and Stones? You come up with a riff like this. And give hard rock its Ur moment….

I’m just a guy who wrote a book about rock music one time….

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