Daily Devotional

Your Daily Devotional for December 3, 2015

America, the land of opportunity, where any boy or girl can grow up be an innocent victim of senseless gun mayhem.
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  1. unfortunately guns do kill people. more are killed wit knifes and even fists. you can say the same thing about france, which has strict gun controls. prohibition does not work. swizerland does not have a standing army. every citizen is their army. they allow every citizen, give them a full automatic or a real assault weapon and ammo to store at home. they have one of the lowest gun deaths of any nation. the only way t get rid of people killing people is to outlaw people. so the best way to handle the problem is through education. yes mandatory education in firearms and their sue and safety. so they know how they work and can be safe around them. teachers that want guns should have them to protect their charges. you see takin guns away from the people just leaves them like shooting ducks in a barrel. it does not protect someone to take their protection away, it just makes the criminals job easier and the crazies able to kill more. it is like saying sugar is a killer which I believe it is. let us outlaw sugar and we will save a lot of lives. yes we would save some and some would get killed in the black market that springs up. freedom. FREEDOM!! freedom and tolerance what a great life that would be. I will never see it, because I have a pres that says if you are not doing anything wrong why would you care if they listen to your phone conversations and read your email. yea I love big brother he won’t protect me.

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