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Your Daily Devotional for November 30, 2015

You can have my finger guns when you snap them off of my cold, dead hands.
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  1. it would actually be funny if it was not so sick how society or some in society are making guns evil. I use to take my guns to school to go hunting after. I learned about nature and laws and how to respect them. now if a kid makes his hand look like a gun everyone is freaking out. while I realize we treated the Indians worse then any other minority. put them in concentration camps. and wonder why most have problems dealing with the world forced on them, when a child I played cowboys and Indians. of course I was an indian and a cowboy at times. I did not grow up to want and killed multiple people. the war on anything and the government is taking away your freedom. prohibition has never worked in the history of the world. trying to prohibit guns is not the answer. neither is trying to register them either. this right to protect yourself is not new, the world has tried to outlaw protection or defense in the past. this is an inalienable right, or a right that can not be taken away. even if you changed the constitution, it would still be a right of the citizens. they wrote this out back in the Magna Carta. the right to own weapons of war for protection. there are way more guns then there were in the 90″s. an crime except in the most restrictive states and cities in the US. guns gong p and crime going down. any one can see getting rid of guns will only make another black market even bigger, with terrible people running it and making the money off of it. the answer is simple legalize all drugs, reduce government, make everyone that wants one has a gun and shoot the terrorist before he causes much of a problem. peace and utopia are great thought just as communism works get on paper. reality is, there are always going to be evil men and women in the world. thank heaven it is small population. the rest of us will keep them in check. trying to control the masses for anything will not end good. we will always have evil greedy people. the government can not protect you from anything, but they and those with motives will tell you anything. the only reason for that is more control and less freedom. I like making my own decisions. admittedly some are wrong and I pay the price for them. I believe a person has the right to believe what he wants, now I am not religious but I will fight for the right of anyone even a musllim to believe what he wants. tolerance, you can not have freedom without tolerance!! this country needs a lot more tolerance. you and I have the right to own or not own a gun, house, car, and many other things. we have the freedom to chose what we want and live with our mistakes. we also have the responsibility to be tolerant of others lives. what I will say is you have no authority and never will to take my birth rights away and I respect your anti gun view as long as you are not taking my guns away then we have a problem. I feel over 50% of the people feel the same way, some of the anti gunners just do not know it yet.

    • First they came for the guns, and I did not speak out — because no one is coming for your guns, you paranoid nitwit.

    • Addendum: I’ve shot guns. Shooting guns is fun. But I don’t fetishize guns, and you really need to lighted up, Francis.