A brief snapshot from the Information (Overload) Age


In 1993, during my first year in the PhD program at the University of Colorado, we had a guest speaker in one of my classes. The subject was information technology and the Internet. He explained that at that moment, the largest repository of stored electronic data on Earth was at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, about four miles away. That building hosted two terabytes of data.


One of my external backup drives seems to be failing, so I ventured out to get a replacement.

Two terabytes. In the palm of my hand. $80.


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  1. During my year, we toured NCAR. We were told the same thing. And we were impressed. Now I carry a 1TB external drive in my briefcase every day.

    But, as you point out from time to time, raw information isn’t knowledge, and data isn’t wisdom. So have we progressed or regressed?

    • I fight this battle every day at work. I work in data marketing and have to deal with too many people who think data is knowledge and who have no idea that wisdom exists.

  2. “Drunk on data” is a term I’ve been using lately. Feel free to appropriate – and since it’s useless, don’t concern yourselves with attribution. Whoever picks it up from you won’t….