The real problem with the “Anonymous” list of KKK members

It looks like the list of KKK members that dropped today, allegedly by Anonymous, isn’t from Anonymous at all.

The real list, from the Anonymous Twitter account, will be released later in the week.

Some of the names on that list – most notably Lexington, KY’s openly gay mayor, Jim Gray – were immediately suspicious (although, given the actual existence of Log Cabin Republicans, I suppose nothing is impossible).

Others, on the list, though – people like Sens. Thomas Tillis (R-NC) and John Cornyn (R-TX) – those are, shall we say, marginally less suspicious.

The real problem is this. In a better society, I ought to be able to look at a legislator’s voting record and know at a glance that he or she is innocent. Sadly, we can’t do that with yahoos like Tillis, can we?

I look forward to the real list and to the … constructive debate … that’s sure to follow.

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  1. Madeline Rogero is another example of the ridiculousness of this list and yet many people have lapped it up as a tasty little sound bite with no thought to truth or fairness.

    It’s a pretty good idiot test though.