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When a capella met metal: Saturday Video Roundup

So, I wake up this morning to find that Frank Balsinger has uncovered an a capella take on Rammstein’s “Du Hast.” Because of course somebody would have to do that, and of course Frank would find it. So for SVR today, let’s enjoy some a capella abomination. I guess that would be a bomination, huh?

First, Viva Vox, and if you don’t get why this is so great, by all means click the link above and review the original.

Van Canto’s thing is metal a capella covers, although I’m not sure you get full credit if you actually use real drums. Still, pretty fun.

How ’bout a little Iron Maiden, courtesy of MICapella? (This is incredible.)

Oh hey, Viva Vox bit of some Rage Against the Machine, too.

Bang your head. Without instrumentation. Happy Saturday.