Intolerance of intolerance: how much is enough?

ISIS is but one example. What about the rest?

Dr. M. Neil Browne of Ice in the Head, author of Asking the Right Questions, posted today about the merits of selective intolerance. Warning: videos linked from that article are of graphic violence, so don’t click that video link as the contents aren’t safe for work or much of anything, really.

While raising the question of whether or not ISIS should be tolerated, the author left me with even more unanswered questions.

If we shouldn’t tolerateĀ ISIS (and I’m not saying we should), then why the Saudi government? Or any other national leadership that commits atrocities? If they’re not to be tolerated, what is the appropriate form for intolerance of intolerance to take? To what other forms of intolerance should that apply? Should that intolerance of intolerance be exercised on a gradient or as a matter of absolute extremes? How much intolerance is too much to tolerate?

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  1. That’s a good question because it requires knowledge of the best morality or set of laws to determine who is being intolerant in a universal way.

  2. This is a hard question, even if you’re really smart. All the more reason to elect bright people. How many of the announced candidates for President do you trust with this one?