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Donald Trump: American Hero

Donald Trump announces his candidacy for president during a rally at his Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, on Tuesday June 16, 2015. Mr. Trump also announced the release of a financial statement that he says denotes a personal net worth of over 8 billion dollars.

photo courtesy of Univision

Bernie Sanders needs Secret Service protection. This guy is walking around saying what Bobby Kennedy would say if he were alive. Somebody is going to murder him. President Obama speaks to the American public through four inches of bulletproof airplane glass, and he’s a moderate who happens to have dark skin. The secret service was on him like white on rice, even before he got nominated, because they recognized the threat.

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist with Jewish American characteristics. If nominated, he’s a dead man walking. It has nothing to do with his policies, and everything to do with the words “Socialist” and “Jewish.” Those are alien concepts to the American public and they will be met with extreme resistance, up to and including lethal violence. It is our responsibility as Americans to guarantee him a voice in our democracy.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, gets a free pass. He’s a self-made billionaire who inherited his weath and, despite repeated attempts at self-destruction, is unable to exit the spotlight. He was born a made man. He can do no wrong and not for lack of trying. He’s tried being racist. He’s tried being sexist. He’s tried calling out the oligarchy, pointing out that every Republican candidate is a puppet, each campaign a bet placed by a shadowy hand that controls its every move.

He knows how the system works. In his own words: “I contribute to everyone. If I go in for a meeting and I, let’s say, stiff somebody as the expression goes, when they come to my office, all of a sudden, I don’t get treatment.” The fact that money buys influence is not a revelation. The fact that a Republican candidate is sharing his own experience, rather than claiming to be “outside the beltway,” is totally new.

The ultimate proof comes in his response to Fox News, when they fired all torpedoes at him in the first Republican primary debate. Fox demanded unilateral disarmament, asking Trump not to run independently if he did not receive the nomination. He declined, threatening to scuttle the conservative movement if they did not unite behind him. I believe he is prepared to do exactly that. If they nominate him, he will continue to be unelectable. If they don’t, he will divide their base, crippling their candidate.

The only logical explanation for this is that he has no interest in the success of the Republican party or his own campaign. He’s taking one for the team. He’s obviously not stupid, just based on his quick-witted response to surprise questions. If he’s not stupid, he knows he can’t win. He also knows that he’s pointing out the flaws of every other Republican candidate, their lack of appeal to women (51% of voters) and their lack of appeal to minorities (33% of voters).

Why would he do this? Because he’s not a Democrat™ or a Republican®, but a liberal. He wants women and minorities to be represented in our government. He wants everyone to have a voice, and the only way to accomplish this is to sabotage the establishment. He’s killing sixteen candidates with one blow. All we have to do is beat Hillary. It’s genius. I have never respected Donald Trump before, but I do now.

Make no mistake, a new Republican party will rise from the ashes. They may have to rebrand themselves. It’s happened before. They used to be called the Federalists, back when the Democrats were called Republicans. It’s a give and take. No outside force can break us, and no inside force can break us either, as long as men like Donald Trump do their duty and shatter the chrysalis of fear, forcing their followers to wriggle, blinking, forward into the light of a new day.