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Kuratas Mecha courtesy of engadget

Kuratas Mecha courtesy of

After a courageous performance
Against a team
That was clearly on fire,

And graciously ignoring
The obnoxious juvenile response
Of a nation defined by our wars,

Japan has quietly
Saved the world
By building a giant robot.

Megabot USA courtesy of businessinsider

Megabot USA courtesy of

It has been a pleasure,
My fellow Americans,
To have served with you

In our common causes
Of freedom and justice,
But the day we feared has come.

Without the vanguard of democracy,
Science has run amok,
And those minds which were gears of war

Are now unleashed as hounds
Upon solvable problems,
Gnawing the laws of physics.

Japan has bested us at cars,
cameras, and cassette decks, but not guitars,
At which they rival Mexico.

In their modern lore,
In their giant robot archetype,
The heart of gold comes standard.

I fear the founding fathers
May have bested us again,
Making us earn ours.

If we are to compete,
We need a heart of gold.
What are the chances we grow one?