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Jason Isbell: “24 Frames” – Saturday Video Roundup

Anybody wants to know why I can’t wait for the new Jason Isbell disc to drop, here you go. This ought to answer any questions you might have. Is there a better songwriter alive today?

Happy Saturday, and Go Juve.

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  1. I saw Isbell and the 400 Unit live on the Southeastern tour. “Decoration Day” was like a bunker-buster bomb going off. Saw him in a tiny club in Ithaca on the Here We Rest tour. For both shows I went to the back of the venue before the show and poked my head into their trailer. Never saw Jason, but talked each time with Jimbo Hart, who claimed to have remembered me from Ithaca. Isbell is the only songwriter I can think of who comes close to Richard Thompson in terms of lyrics that can squeeze your heart. Can’t wait for the new disc.