NC Senator Bob Rucho Stabs Democracy, Leaves It Bleeding On Senate Floor

Image courtesy of the Raleigh News & Observer

The following is a Facebook post from NC Senator Josh Stein.

Senate Finance Committee Chair Bob Rucho flouted the democratic process yesterday to ram an anti-clean tech bill through committee.

We considered a House bill to curtail the development of solar and other renewables. Before we took the voice vote, Sen. Blue called for division, which is a process where members raise their hands to be counted. The Senate Rules are explicit. When a member calls for division, the chair “shall” do so.

Sen. Rucho refused saying he was exercising his authority as chair. He has no such authority. It was a rank abuse of power.

The voice vote was clear to everyone present that the bill was defeated by Democrats along with many Republicans. Yet, Sen. Rucho outrageously said that the bill passed.

I do not like losing on policy issues that set our state backward when the other side has more votes, but I accept it because that is the democratic way.

I cannot accept losing on a policy issue, however, when the other side has fewer votes and I am in the majority.

What does Senator Stein think this is? A democracy?

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  1. When I was young growing up in Georgia, they talked a lot about the New South. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”