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Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – Fiction 8 vs Firefall


In the third quarterfinal match, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake defeats The Lumineers to advance to the semifinals. 

The fourth quarter match features old vs. new, classic vs. indie, rock vs. industrial.


Fiction 8

  • At one point the three current members of Fiction 8 lived in three cities that were nowhere near each other – Denver, Seattle and Austin – but thanks to technology the distance didn’t hinder their collaboration. Their sixth studio album, Dark Star Disarray is, as they say, “in the can” and awaiting release later in 2015.
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  • ’70s country rockers, formed by Flying Burrito Brothers and Zephyr alums, had a string of Top 40 hits. In January the band was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.
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Who advances to the semifinals? That’s up to you.