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Wrapping up Women’s History Month

Well, it is the last day of Women’s History Month so this is my final post in the series. If the reader will indulge me, I am feeling kind of reflective tonight.

About half of the posts I’ve done this month have been about things with which I was already familiar while the other half have been information that was new to me. I have felt a little bit frustrated about all the things I’d never heard of before. Even though I have a Women’s Studies concentration, there is still so very much I don’t know. This points to women’s erasure through his/story and that is what I have found frustrating.

My heart has been heavy today with the news of the death of Adrienne Rich. If I absolutely had to choose just three women who have most inspired me, I would name Andrea Dworkin, Adrienne Rich, and Mary Daly. Dworkin has been dead for about a decade. Rich died yesterday. Daly is now up in years and has been forced into retirement from teaching at Boston College. I don’t really see any younger feminists doing real groundbreaking, deep theorizing like these women did (although if anyone out there knows of any newer feminist works I should read, please let me know in a comment). I was just reading in a book by Mary Daly her call for feminists to help keep feminist works before the public. She suggests one way of doing this is to buy books, thus encouraging publishers to keep printing them. I am thinking of another way. I can rededicate myself to my writing and hopefully share what I know. I already have another series of posts written and lots of stuff bookmarked and highlighted for several more. I will never fill the footsteps of a giant like Adrienne Rich, but I accept the charge to do my best in Rich’s name.