Women’s History Month – 2015 honorees

Today for Women’s History Month, I offer you the official honorees of 2015.

Today in women’s history

March 12

1637: Anne Hyde born: first wife of King James II of Great Britain, mother of Mary II of Great Britain

1806: Jane Means Appleton Pierce born: First Lady of the U.S., wife of President Franklin Pierce

1819: Sarah Eleanor Bayliss Royce born: writer, western pioneer; wrote A Frontier Lady: Recollections of the Gold Rush and Early California

1845: Blanche Galton Whiffen born (Mrs. Thomas Whiffen): stage actress born in London, worked in London and America

1862: Jane Delano born: nurse; founded American Red Cross Nursing Service; responsible for identifying mosquito as carrier of Yellow Fever (later confirmed by Walter Reed)

1864: Alice Tegnér born: composer, organist

1871: Louise Mathilde Powell born: nursing educator

1876: Helen Sumner Woodbury born: historian of labor movement and women’s suffrage

1877: Annette Abbott Adams born: lawyer; first woman to serve as Assistant Attorney General in the U.S.

1883: Ethel Collins Dunham born: physician, pediatrician, chief of child development at the Children’s Bureau, pioneer in care of newborns

1906: Gracie Bowers Pfost born: member of House of Representatives, Idaho, 1953 – 1963

1907: Dorrit Hoffleit born: astronomer

1911: Alice-Leone Moats born: writer

1912: Kylie Tennant born: writer

1912: Girl Guides — later the Girls Scouts — founded in the United States by Juliette Gordon Low, modeled on the Boy Scouts

1916: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach born: writer

1918: Elaine de Kooning born: artist

1923: Clara Fraser born: feminist

1946: Liza Minelli born: singer, actress

1948: Virginia Bottomley born: politician

Christian Feast Day: Saint Fina (1238 – 1253)

Quote for Today

“One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”

— Marie Curie

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