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SUV engines made my Nissan Leaf vibrate a little – Renewable Journal for March 6, 2015

When your car doesn’t really vibrate itself, you start noticing how other vehicles can make it vibrate anyway.

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I noticed something odd earlier this week during my morning commute. I was in my Nissan Leaf, sitting at a light waiting for a turn signal, when I noticed my car was vibrating slightly. As, vibrating like there a small engine under the hood instead of an electric motor.

There are things that can make even an electric car vibrate. If something in the electric motor is out of alignment, for example, or driving on a concrete road that sets up vibrations in the suspension. But most of those things don’t matter when you’re sitting still at a stoplight. I did have the defroster going, so there were a few vibrations from the circulation fan, but this was definitely more of an engine feel.

That’s when I noticed I was stopped with an SUV on one side of me, and SUV on the other side of me, and a third SUV behind me. Stuck in the middle of 3 SUVs, my Leaf was vibrating because of their engines.

The fact that SUV engines vibrate enough that people outside the vehicle feel it is something that I’d noticed while running or cycling, but I’d never noticed it while I was in a vehicle before. Because usually your own engine is vibrating enough that it overwhelms the vibrations from other vehicles.

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  1. I used to have a 1994 Honda Civic Sedan…very unassuming…except for $5000 worth of american audio equipment (japanese head unit) I generally only listened on the highway, but I did also find it useful to get someone’s attention. Why I had that is a long story, but it was partly a present I bought myself when I got divorced. Needless to say that car was de-stressed.