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volume seven

Victoria Hanna – Aleph-bet (Hosha’ana)

Man and beast
Flesh, spirit and soul
Sinew, bone and skin
Likeness and image – a tapestry
Splendor resembling futility
Compared to images of beasts
Luster, figure and stature
Renew the face of the earth
Planting trees in desolate lands
Winepresses and stacks of grain
Vineyards and sycamores
To the demarcated land
To heal with powerful rains
To give life to forsaken refuse
To sustain with vegetation
To enhance with sweet fruits
To invigorate with flowers
To rain on the sproutlings
To pour a stream of cool waters
To cloak with droplets
To elevate the thirsty earth
Which is suspended on silence

Lord who saves
Other than You there is no Savior
You are powerful and abundantly able to save
I am impoverished
Yet You shall save me
God is the Savior
God delivers and saves
Those who cry to You – save
Those who yearn for You – save
Satisfy Your lambs
Cause an abundance of crops, of trees, of vegetation – save
Let the wind bring the soaring clouds
Let the stormy rains roll in
Let the clouds not be withheld
God who opens a hand and satisfies Your thirsty ones – satisfy
Your callers – save
Your beloved – save
Your seekers – save
Your wholesome ones – save

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How do you critique that?

This is part of The Great Supplication prayed on the last day of the feast of Tabernacles. It is written in a way that every sentence starts with a different letter of the Hebrew Alphabet in order. She uses the Alphabet at the beginning of the song, possibly because her training as a vocal artist began with speech therapy to correct a childhood stutter. The song may also be an argument for women’s rights, in particular for education. This interpretation is informed by the subject matter of the video.