Looking forward to more electrics on the road – Renewable Journal for 2/17/2014

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In the next several years we’re going to start seeing a lot more fully electric vehicles on the roads than we do today. The price of oil isn’t going to stay low forever, and car companies will soon be producing vehicles that are more versatile than the few electrics on the road today. Ranges will increase, charging times will drop, and van, crossover, and SUV models with four-wheel drive will be designed and brought to market.

I’m looking forward to that. I have a lot of reasons to be looking forward to that, but one of them is fresh in my mind. I’m looking forward to a lot more electrics on the road because that means fewer gasoline and diesel vehicles on the road – and that means a lot less nasty smelling and tasting exhaust fumes when I’m stuck in traffic on icy roads trying to get to work.