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Tournament of Rock: The 5280 – Tommy Bolin vs. Rose Hill Drive

TOR5280_bannerAnd away we go. First, the ground rules. There are 24 bands in ToR5280, with the top 8 (in the editor’s estimation) receiving a first-round bye. They were selected along a range of criteria, including artistic merit, critical acclaim and influence. (If they achieved some popular success that doesn’t hurt anything.) Instead of trying to seed, as I have in the past, we’re going to use the FA Cup method: blind random draw at every stage, with no brackets involved at all.

I’ll post some information, including whatever links I can pointing you to their music. You listen and vote. Winner advances. Simple enough?

Let the games begin. Up first:

Tommy Bolin

  • ’70s guitar wizard, founder of Zephyr, later played with the James Gang and Deep Purple. Died of a drug overdose at 25.
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Rose Hill Drive

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