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Coming soon – Tournament of Rock: The 5280

Tournament of Rock 5280

Colorado is home to a rich and sometimes puzzling musical legacy. Most big cities have produced the occasional Rock or Pop success, and Denver/Boulder is no different. But in many ways the Centennial State is defined by the darkness of its sounds. From Goth and Industrial to dreamy Shoegazer to the Denver Sound, many of the 5280’s greatest artists remind you of anything but that 300 days of sunshine a year you hear so much about.

Beginning this weekend S&R will kick off another in its ongoing Tournament of Rock series, this time paying homage to the bands of Colorado, the state many of our current and former staffers call home. There will be some artists you know (and perhaps love), and some you’ve never heard of before (and might grow to love). The ToR always aims to challenge preconceptions and encourage as much thinking as possible, and ToR5280 should be no different.

We hope you’ll drop in, give it all a listen and vote for your favorite.