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Captive Minds: the war on totalitarianism

“Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden.” – Holy Qur’an 4:85

There is no possible way to love your neighbor by killing him, yet radicalized “Orthodox Christians” are killing their way westward across Ukraine. There is no way to do good to the traveller by taking him hostage, yet this practice is routine in the “Islamic” State.

In an explosive performance art video, two Russians are seen dousing the doors of Lenin’s Mausoleum with holy water, chanting “rise up and go,” a twist on the resurrection of Lazarus, except the deceased is no friend, but a haunting. It’s an exorcism.

Isn’t it odd that the Donetsk Ukrainian airport and the Maiduguri Nigerian airport are so strategically important to these rag-tag bands of crusaders? Almost as if they were taking orders from the same general who is terrified of an impending airlift.

Do you really believe Africans don’t know about Ebola? As they say in France, c’est raciste. There have been twelve major outbreaks since 2000 AD, all of them in Africa, yet the people are incredibly suspicious of the unarmed doctors and aid workers. Who has been telling them that Ebola is a hoax?

What we have here is a three front war. The Arabian peninsula is beset north and south by people who idolize the State, who cannot compromise their position if it means killing every other human on the planet. Europe is besieged from the east, again. It’s bear season.

Africa is now in play, too. Nigeria is losing ground to Boko Haram [loosely translated: (Western) thought is forbidden]. Which means the battle to save Africa from Ebola is the battle to save the Native Americans from Smallpox. What we have here are totalitarians, join us or die. They will stop the doctors from saving the dying if the dying are not their own subjects. They fight alongside Ebola.

A three front war is not a maneuver a sane general would attempt. It suggests that the enemy is not a man at all, but an idea. Totalitarianism. The very thing the Russian artists were attempting to exorcise. Let us pray they were successful.

Keep in mind that Greece and Spain, both enduring extreme privation due to EU austerity measures, have just elected leaders with broad coalition support, almost out of desperation. If Europe is beset east and west by unwavering ideologues, another world war may be inevitable.

We can stop this war before it starts if we have the courage and strength. We can save the children before they become casualties if we stand up to the bully right now. Everyone knows totalitarianism doesn’t work. The Russians know it. The Chinese know it, too. Let’s talk about it. Do not be afraid.