Media silence on the NAACP bombing in Colorado

A bomb, broadcast silence, and a very confused FBI

From ThinkProgress: A Bomb Went Off At A Colorado NAACP. Where Is The 24-Hour News Cycle?

Two thoughts. First, along with many others, I wonder why this doesn’t get the television coverage it deserves.

Second: “although the FBI is investigating the motives behind the bombing and says domestic terrorism is still a possible motive [emphasis added].”

“Possible motive?!” WTH. It seems simple enough to me that if someone, citizen or otherwise, plants a bomb here or anywhere, unless that person is authorized by the State (capitalized to distinguish state as a principle), which has the monopoly on the use of violence, then there’s no other explanation necessary. Terrorists plant bombs. Full stop. This needs the full force of a federal investigation until the terrorists are caught, and they should have the book thrown at them. It’s not about whether or not there were injuries. The attempt is all that matters. That the attempt failed should make not a bit of difference.

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  1. Terrorism is violence in the service of frightening others. There are crimes of violence that have no intention of frightening others, since they are aimed at particular individuals. For instance, a criminal organization is unhappy that the nearby hair salon isn’t paying protection money. They set off a bomb to extort money in the future. It is true that they are terrorizing the owners of the hair salon, but not society in general, since this is a matter only between the two of them, and the bomb wasn’t aimed at a particular, large group (whites, blacks, latino, Westerners, Muslims, or what have you).

    Now, I strongly suspect that this is an act of terrorism against the NAACP, but I commend the FBI for not jumping to conclusions without first examining the evidence at hand.

  2. Insofar as you are correct that there may indeed be another explanation, I have to confess that I am rash in my jump to the conclusion. Even should it turn out that the attack is an act of terrorism against the NAACP, my rashness remains.