Look out white people, Fox host Shannon Bream thinks you’re dodgy

Oh, wait. Is that not what she meant?

In a panel discussion with a black woman, a white man, a woman of…judging solely from skin tone, that is…indeterminate origin, and one blond-haired, alabaster-skinned twit, which would you think would be responsible for the following:

Bream suggested profiling may not be effective in situations where criminals are wearing masks or where the tone of their skin doesn’t “look like typical bad guys,” apparently implying that certain skin stones should raise red flags for law enforcement. See video clip here.

Awkward. Especially when this is what we know of the racial breakdown of “bad guys” in the U.S. And by “bad guys,” I mean people actually convicted of wrongdoing and spending time in prison for it.

% of incarcerate population: White 39%, Latino 19%, Black 40%.

Let’s play with those numbers for a moment. White people, beware. Latinos and blacks combined make up 59% of the prison population. Oh, wait. Black people, beware. Whites and Latinos combines make up 58% of the prison population.

Hold on a moment. I think if I were Latino, maybe I’d be the one who should be worried about all those black and white folks. Combined, they account for 79% of the prison population!

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  1. No doubt. For that matter, If I’m supposed to be wary of people who look like “typical bad guys,” especially the ones who have done the most damage, I think I’d be afraid to visit Capitol Hill or walk down Wall Street.

  2. got to love it when racists attempt to discuss hot topics using sensitive language. why thos nigras! a friend of mine used to say that whenever someone said “jewish” instead of “jew,” he knew an insult was coming.

  3. From the cited link blacks are four times more likely to be incarcerated than whites and hispanics twice as likely based on their relative percentages of the population. Disregarding the underlying sociological issues of our prison industries which are manifold, of course we profile strangers by skin color. It would be disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

    Is profiling unfair to innocent citizens? Absolutely. Is it a statistically sound methodology for assessing threats? Yup, that’s why Deputy Fife and his pals do it several million times a day. How we can fix that by feeding and educating our children, _all_ of our children, is a different topic.

    I don’t watch Fox and I don’t know Ms Bream but the only stupid thing I heard her uttering in the clip was confusion about the intentions of people wearing ski masks on public streets. If I see some dude wearing a ski mask and carrying an AK, I don’t need to stop him and politely ask him to lift his headgear so I can ascertain ethnicity, I’m just going to beat feet in the opposite direction and hope I don’t catch one in the back.