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War on Christmas: Let’s chop down the big tree.

Santa SpendalotAlmost everything you buy in a retail store is made in China. The retail market is cornered. Let’s send the retail stores a message that we want our jobs back. This Christmas, don’t buy any gifts made with slave labor. Look at the tag. You can fight slavery as easy as that. The list of countries where slave labor does not produce goods is much shorter than the list of countries where it does. They are the winners in the history books. Figure it out.

Buy secondhand first. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift stores, consignment shops, etc. Keep it in the family. Make your own gifts. Bake cookies. Make candy. What’s your skill? Pretend it’s the great depression and you have to come up with an awesome gift but you have no money at all. Give that. We are, in fact, self-sufficient. Aren’t we? No more Black Friday. The people no longer support corporations that operate as if people are not people. Corporations are not people. People are.

Go to the grocery store. We shall always keep the feast. It’s the darkest part of winter. You have to throw a party. You do not have to feed the retail market that enables the slave system to continue. The regional chain grocery is better than the national chain. If you can afford locally sourced food, by all means. The important thing is that you keep the feast, even if it’s from Wal-mart. Christmas is ours. It’s what we do. Like the Whos in Whoville say, “Rahoo Dores!”

Capitalism is like a forest full of competing trees. If the roots are dead and the trunk is hollow and it’s sort of leaning toward the house, maybe you should take that tree down and make room for the next generation of trees. We solve our own problems in this country. Big box stores have been over. Why do they still exist? So that we can burn gasoline driving between them? The internet has everything shipped to my home, and I can easily find the items not made with slave labor.

Ultimately, the consumer economy is based on waste. We are better than that. We don’t need slave labor and bunker fuel to balance out the gigantic wealth inequality. We need to get rid of the gigantic wealth inequality. They’ve got us hooked on oil. We can’t breathe.

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