Open letter to America: the endless war for oil

What if I told you that all wars were waged over resources, that at the moment the most important resource in the world is oil, and that the war in the middle east and the trade war over the Alberta tar sands, seemingly different conflicts involving different parties, are actually the same war, waged by the same economic force and subject to the same economic necessities, one of which is within your control?

Oil demand is a function of price and availability, normally existing in inverse proportion to one another. Price has been artificially manipulated many times by coordinated strikes on availability, a strategy that presumes abject dependence on oil. A truly free and resilient economy would not be subject to such coordinated strikes, because alternate sources of energy would be available at competitive market prices.

The failure of capitalism is its willful disobedience. Knowing that oil is doomed to be replaced by an inexhaustible supply of solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal, geothermal, and other renewable energies, the fossil energy cooperatives have pushed monopoly economics on a global scale. This means that while we should have been building solar panels and wind turbines into all the buildings since the 1960s, we have instead been been inventing sideways drills and injecting toxic chemicals into drinkable aquifers.

This is roughly equivalent to perpetuating the slave or illegal immigrant economy. In both cases, an inferior technology, combined with an unjust method, is substituted for natural progress. Both can be readily dispatched by application of economic pressure, boycotts, charities, paying fair wages, etc. Tell everyone about This will allow people to switch their home power bill to clean renewable energy.

If you want to stop the endless war you have to stop the endless need for oil. This can has been kicked down the road. Can it stop here?

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  1. I think you have over simplified the situation. It is called money. Sure oil is part of it, but there is a big war machine and it makes money for a lot of rich people. The ones that do not fight the wars. In fact they already have more wars lined up to keep the money flowing. It is political both parties have their hands in the deep pockets. The deep pockets control the world no matter what you think. That is why we are and did not end the wars when obama got into office. It followed the same time table already set up. The problem is integrity of politicians. Almost all are in it for the money. Solar is great, but do you really want all the land covered with wind mills. Hydro is very damaging to the environment. Photo voltaic has get promises, it is ugly but I think that is the way to go. Using hydrogen from water to run your car is where we are going. It will also save the suns energy for use when it is unavailable. Now for capitalism, it has it’s problems, but it is the most efficient form of supply and demand. Does it need to be controlled? Of course, but not to the extent you are envisioning. Everything has it’s own equilibrium. Interference like raising minimum wages and such comes with some bad and very real problems for businesses. The interference of the monetary system to create the bubbles we have now will end very very badly. It will make the great depression look like a minor recession. Raising the minimum wage will put a lot of business out of business. When the economy is doing great and there is full use of employment competition requires a fight for employees and a raise in wages to attract them. In all these fracking places burger flippers are earning $17 an hour and business cannot get enough employees. That energy seen is the only reason the economy is doing as good as it is. Yes it does pollute, who is willing to give up their heat and cars to protect the environment. A 1/3 of the electricity in this country comes from the hated coal. Do you want to give up your lights? Of course we can do better and should drive to, but do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Let innovation help bring these bad polluting forms into disappearance. It is like quitting your job before you have another when there is not another. My opinion is we need to decentralize government and we are going the other way. Government is the most inefficient form of business there is. That is why we pay for $600 toilet seats. And the rich get richer. It is all planned, the controllers get richer. I do not understand that because they have more money then they could ever use in 1000’s of life times. We have gone from 7 trillion to 17 trillion in debt since obama took office. This will end very very badly. Your kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids and so on will be paying our debt, paying for our life style. It makes make sick. We need to balance the budget, but the whole world is doing nothing but printing money, you know QE whatever. Supply and demand. More money means it is chasing the same items. The economy is trying to deflate and the money is trying to inflate. That is the only reason we have not had run a way inflation. They cannot control this forever it will end very badly and I do not think you will see us come out of it. Just as japan has not recovered for 10 to 20 years now. I could go on and on, but it is getting late. I am not much of a writer, and have not proofed this so I hope I got my point across. Will we kill off our species before we get it right, probably. One way or another. Happy XXXmas.

  2. What if you told me that all wars were waged over resources? I’d tell you that you’re sadly wrong. Despite resources being one the only valid, defensible, and honest reasons for prosecuting war, we do wage it them for far more stupid reasons.

  3. interesting points, and mostly true.

    side note–you write in a style very much like where I started out. I’ll call it breathless. full of indignation, a dash of hyperbole, and leaving out much of the underlying argument. i found, after a great deal of angst, that it was more effective to use more words and to bring people along slowly. for example, the argument that all wars are over resources is almost certainly true, at the very least it’s econommics, but it’s jarring just to assert it without proof or elaboration. it would be far more interesting to support that a bit. (vietnam was fought because we thought there were huge oil reserves in the gulf of tonkin. both world wars were over oil and steel (for the germans) and land (for the japanese. the civil war was about reducing the regional economic advantage provided by free labor. etc.)

    I enjoy your posts, but think they could be even stronger.