Vote: You are the decider.


I had to wait over an hour to vote on Saturday in Raleigh North Carolina. The wait was two and a half hours in Cary. Long lines are considered a vote suppression tactic. If you have to wait more than 45 minutes, call the Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE. You must vote in your precinct for your vote to count on election day. The law has changed and provisional ballots cast outside your precinct will not be counted. Your precinct may have changed due to gerrymandering. Check with your state board of elections to find out your correct polling location. Do not trust information disseminated by third parties. Americans For Prosperity has disseminated misinformation in hopes of suppressing voter turnout.

Why would they do such a thing? Because voting matters. If the people vote, the Tea Party loses. If the Tea Party loses, energy companies may have to stop dumping toxic waste in the rivers. That is the power of the ballot. If the Tea Party loses, corporations may have to pay taxes on their record profits, and some of that money may be used to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, or for school lunch so poor kids can focus in the classroom and crawl out of the pit of poverty. If the Tea Party loses, there is a chance of bipartisanship returning to the halls of power, of the will of the people being codified in law and enacted. That is the power of your vote.

That is why there has been such a massive expensive effort on the one side to encourage you to vote and on the other side to suppress, deny, restrict, discourage, limit, and otherwise attack your right to vote. You have the power to destroy the evil that is eroding the foundations of our great society. They cannot take it away. They do not have that much power yet. Do not surrender your rightful authority to decide the future of your country. Vote.

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