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An electric car means partial immunity to gas prices – Renewable Journal for 10/18/2014

My Nissan Leaf means that I don’t really care much what gas prices do. It’ll be a good day when most people have this same freedom.

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I was listening to NPR yesterday when a story about dropping gas prices came on. The reporter interviewed a couple of people filling up at a gas station and they, quite understandably, loved that gas prices were going down. While I was thinking about the story and how falling gas prices are not the good thing that the reporter indicated they were (more on that another time), I had an “electric car moment.”

I realized that gas prices don’t matter to me, at least not directly. My wife and I have retrained ourselves to take the Leaf wherever we can, so we’re barely driving the Pathfinder. While we’ll be driving it more when bad weather arrives and we start skiing this winter, we’ll still be driving the Leaf whenever we can, and the Leaf doesn’t care whether gas prices go up or down.

At this point my concern about gas prices has almost nothing to do with my own personal transportation. Now the only thing that I really think about is the price of the goods and services I use that rely on gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

I’m looking forward to the point where even those are largely electrified. It’s going to happen, and probably sooner rather than later. And when it does, it’ll make the Cash for Clunkers tradein program look like a small town swap meet. I can’t wait.