China denies my right to vote in NC

chinese-yuan-public-domain-750x400px-717x400I’m not registered to vote. I was registered when I voted early in the primary on May 6, but my status has been changed without my knowledge or consent. Several people who live in upstate New York are registered to vote here, likely without their knowledge or consent. I discovered this while helping get out the vote for the Democratic Party. Many of the registered Democrats on the list do not live here or do not exist. Many of the Democrats who do live here are suddenly and mysteriously unregistered.

It appears the voter rolls have been purged and then patched up to look like the old demographics. You can expect the worst voter turnout ever on November 4 because the only people allowed to vote will be Tea Party sympathizers. Republicans who do not bow to the almighty shareholder (China) will not be allowed to vote either.

It’s worse. Americans For Prosperity (Koch brothers) sent false and misleading information to create confusion and chaos. People don’t know whether they are registered, how to register, where to register, when to register, and if they try to find out, a sea of misinformation must be navigated to get correct answers. If this is happening in North Carolina, you can bet it’s happening everywhere a Senate seat is up for grabs, namely Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Arkansas.

Why would they crash the electoral system to gain half a dozen Senators in a non-presidential election? Trans Pacific Partnership. It’s just like the China Canada Treaty, forcing us to conform our laws and regulations to foreign business interests. It means very low wages for workers and no environmental protection. It means that the people of this country no longer elect the representatives who make the laws. The Tea Party is just helping us get a head start on not voting.

And the worst news is, Obama may have already signed it. The negotiations are secret. Stephen Harper signed the China Canada Treaty more than two years ago, with parliamentary approval being the last step in the chain. A requirement (of China’s) for completion of TPP negotiations is renewal of fast track Trade Promotion Authority, which means congress cannot amend or filibuster, strictly up or down vote. They have the numbers in the House. Now they need the Senate, and the Tea Party will deliver at any cost. It’s what their shareholders (China) expect. It’s just business.

Check whether you are registered to vote in North Carolina here. You have until October 10th. I hope that’s enough time for everyone who was disenfranchised to re-register. Somehow I doubt it’s enough time for the Tea Party government to process all those registrations. Besides, they just took them off the books, why would they put them back on?

Update: I am registered to vote. I went to the DMV, which the NC State Board of Elections website claimed could help me register to vote immediately, without having to mail something and hope I had got the right address, but there they told me they don’t register voters, only issue voter ID cards and update current registrations. They advised me to call the State Board of Elections, who told me I am already registered, and that sending in another registration form could result in the loss of my vote in this election. Now my entry comes up on So, I guess the thing to do if you don’t show up in the database is call the NC State Board of Elections at (919) 733-7173. Do it now, before you get distracted by that cool new gadget you just bought from China.