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Roger Goodell is paid entirely too much money

Hmmm, let’s see—

1. ESPN suspends Stephen Smith for one week after Smith suggests that women play a role in provoking domestic violence. You know, they bring it on themselves.
2. Ray Rice was originally suspended for two weeks (well, two games, actually) by NFL chief honcho Roger Goodell for decking his wife so hard he knocked her out.
3. ESPN just suspended Bill Simmons for three weeks for stating the obvious—Goodell is lying.

I’m trying to find a pattern here. Can anyone help?

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  1. I love moments like this. We spend so much effort trying to point out the truth, then in a stunning display of hubris the person we’re talking about makes the case for us. Seriously, what could any of us have said that touches this?

  2. Not too long ago Sam argued to me that baseball had already slipped below soccer in the US sports conciousness, and that the tipping point was the strike a few years ago. I finally decided he’s right. Go to a baseball game. It’s all old people (except Wrigley.) Hopefully, this will be one for the arrogant, obnoxious, plantation masters of the NFL.

    • Don’t give me too much credit here. I said that at the point of the strike baseball and the NFL were even in terms of popularity. And soccer is, in the estimation of ESPN, the #2 spectator sport among 12-24s, although we have not yet seen the methodology upon which this conclusion is based.

      So baseball is trending down, and badly. Soccer is trending up, and dramatically.

      That clarified, I agree with your conclusion. Baseball has some work to do if it wants to reverse its slide. I hope it succeeds – baseball was always my best sport and I’d love to see it doing well.