The Art of War: How China captured Canada, and let’s be cool about this.


They pulled the old Hong Kong on us. For the next 31 years, more than half of North America and the largest unprotected border in the free world belong to China. Without firing a shot. Don’t learn to shoot. Learn to fish. Learn to garden. Be the Native American, because you are now.

Canada has been hard up for energy investors of late. The $11 billion dollar Joslyn Oil Sands had no investors willing to take the plunge. Total E&P Canada, Inpex, Suncor Energy, and Occidental Petroleum said it makes no sense. Teck Resources and Walter Energy have been closing coal mines. As major markets attempt to reduce emissions, the old ways must be abandoned. But what do you do if you’re a Canadian oil man?

You buy the government and sell it to China at a gigantic profit, apparently. The treaty includes three main provisions.

  1. Chinese courts decide.
  2. Chinese courts supercede Canadian courts.
  3. Canadian laws, including the constitution and the First Nations agreement with actual Native Americans about land reservation, can be changed or repealed if found to interfere with Chinese business interests.

First, let’s talk about immigration laws. If Chinese workers will work for lower wages, then Chinese workers must be allowed to immigrate, obviously. We need a work force. Canada does not provide this. Prepare for the face of Canada to become Asian, like the face of America became Mexican, only faster. Canada will be the promised land of the huddled masses on the eastern shores.

So now what? The army is forming ranks on the great northern border, only they’re not an army. They’re just optimists. They’ve been told that Canada is better than China, and they’re slowly realizing that it was a lie. This is the crucial moment when freedom wins. We tear down that wall. We let them come to America.

In America people will be rude to them by accident. We will be shamefully honest. We will be free people. And it will blow their Canadian minds. They will hear Mehico and Merica as the same word. They will understand, as the Romans understood invading Athens, that this is a tribe unbreakable. And they will respect our sovereignty as the United Kingdom respected theirs on July 1, 1997.

Let’s be cool about this.

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