Since we’re just supposed to trust Israel every time they make a claim

Israel jumps to conclusions, Palestinians die

Consider this:

The Israeli military said early Sunday morning that an officer thought to have been captured by Palestinian militants during a deadly clash Friday morning, which shattered a planned 72-hour cease-fire [emphasis added], was now considered to have been killed in battle.

And this:

The case of the missing soldier, Second Lt. Hadar Goldin, 23, became the latest flash point in the conflict, prompting a fierce Israeli bombardment [emphasis added] and calls from leaders around the world for his release.

And this:

As the death toll mounted Saturday to more than 1,650 Palestinians, many of them women and children, and images of homes, mosques and schools smashed into rubble filled the media, Mr. Netanyahu was under considerable international pressure, from Washington and Europe, to end the conflict.

Then again, nothing says considerable pressure in Washington like sending more ammo. Or approving $225 million in emergency funding for Israel’s atrociously ineffective Iron Dome system.


Image credit: Jewish Voice for Peace @ Licensed under Creative Commons.


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