Gas stations with an electric car – Renewable Journal for 7/20/2014

Why would an electric vehicle need to visit a gas station?

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I park my car outside at work, and as a result my Nissan Leaf is covered with dust, splatted bugs, and bird poop. And when I bought the car, the salesperson pointed out that bird poop can eat through the clearcoat finish if it’s left on for too long. So I need to give my car a bath sooner rather than later.

I generally don’t wash it by hand, however. Sometimes the kids will “wash” the cars, spending more time spraying each other with the hose and washing perfectly good soapy water down the driveway than actually scrubbing the bug carcasses off the windshield and grill. But historically, when I really wanted a properly cleaned car, I’d buy a car wash when I was filling up my tank.

And therein lies the problem – I have no reason to go to a gas station, and thus no opportunity to buy a car wash with my fillup.

I’m cheap enough that I’m rarely willing to spend the money for a car wash, and I’m lazy enough that I don’t really want to hand wash the sucker myself either. And it seems silly to go out of my way to swing by a gas station just to buy a car wash. If I was going to do that, I might as well buy a good wash, you know?

Thankfully, my lovely wife has offered to buy car washes for me when she fills up her Pathfinder.

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  1. Other reasons why you might find an electric parked in front of a gas station include windshield washer fluid, coffee, hot dogs, and in some states, cheap beer.