Fear mongering for sex traffick? Surely that’s not what the GOP is about, is it?

I’d like to think even the GOP has limits, but sometimes I have my doubts

Lately the right-wing fear-mongering machine has been making much of news that 16 teen members of MS-13 have been identified in an Arizona border processing center. Let’s assume for a moment that this claim is 100% true. Further, let the curious reader check the Google search results for themselves to see if this is news peculiar to one side of our partisan divide here in the U.S.

There will be bad actors in every sufficiently large crowd. In this case, that’s 3 bad actors (hell, even especially bad) per 10,000 or 0.03% if we go by the commonly reported 52,000 child immigrants between October 2013 and June (less than a year).

MS-13 is absolutely a problem. Gang violence is absolutely a problem. Our neoliberal policies in Latin America, which drive the conflicts and failures south of the border, are absolutely a problem.

While I love giving this administration grief, there is a special moral hazard to the deportation fast-track President Obama has requested, it’s a serious one, and for once you won’t hear conservatives crying foul, at least not on this point, because it would undermine their desire to shoot deport all the illegals.

President Bush wisely, undoubtedly guided by his conscience, signed legislation in 2008 not long before he left office to protect child immigrants who aren’t from Mexico and Canada from sex trafficking by slowing down the deportation process for them.

As a national priority, we have a broken immigration system that works for nobody that counts. It doesn’t work for Americans with valid concerns about the masses who are fleeing the troubles that we create to cross our borders. It doesn’t work for those who come here illegally only to find exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous businesses and an otherwise hostile reception. It doesn’t work for those who jumped through all the proper hoops to become naturalized citizens.

But are we so keen to fix this problem so quickly that we’re willing to second guess the data President Bush was looking at when he tried to protect the children from sex trafficking? Does the greatest nation in the world tremble so much that we’re willing to throw children to sexual predators to protect us from the 0.03%?


Image credit: Global Panorama @ Licensed under Creative Commons.

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