Electric vehicles are everywhere! – Renewable Journal for 6/28/2014

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Actually, they really aren’t everywhere. The fact that I’m seeing electrics all over the place now is actually a simple psychological phenomenon related to familiarity. I own an electric car, and so I’m more in tune with what other electric cars look like, and so simply happen to notice them more.

I did drive by a nice red one on my way home from the dealership, however – the two twenty-something women in it were laughing and pointing at mine as I zipped by them.

I was in San Jose for a while recently, and I saw lots and lots of hybrids and electrics on the roads. I’m sure it helps that Tesla is based nearby, but I still saw a lot more Priuses (Prius? Pri-i?) on the road than Leafs or Teslas.

You know the old joke about Henry Ford and the Model T, right? That you could have any color you wanted so long as it was black. Well, until I was in San Jose, it seemed that a similar statement could be made about Teslas – you could have any color so long as it was red. Well, in addition to the standard red Teslas, I saw one blue one, one that was probably black or very, very deep blue, and another one that was white (if I’m remembering correctly). So they actually do come in other colors!

I’m not going to talk about whether or not Musk putting most or all of Tesla’s electric car patents into the public domain is good, bad, or indifferent. I simply don’t know enough to have an informed opinion. I’ll simply say that it’s interesting, and that time will tell if it’s interesting good, interesting bad, or interesting meh.

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  1. Casual and unscientific question, Brian. Do you think the dominance of Priuses on the road is a result of Toyota having gotten into the game early – and therefore drawing the “smart buyer” crowd who choose cars based on their having been on the market longer and hiving “kinks” ironed out? That’s been my anecdotally based conclusion – but could there be some other idea/motivation at work?

  2. the green movement really does not seem to get it. the big problem in america is over consumption. we buy new things before they are used up, keep up with the joneses. please forgive me if that is your last name. we do not wear out clothes or just about anything i can think of before we buy new to replace it. when you are getting a car, get one that is economical. it is good for the environment. electric cars are nice but i am not really sure how green they really are when you take into account manufacturing of all the components like the batteries. disposal of them later. the total costs to the environment not just burning fuel in the car. what i am really trying to say is live as inexpensively as possible, use things up, be fuggal. as far as those that are excessively rich, try to give back to the people that made you rich. no one does it alone, they might reap all the profits but they had a lot of help. give something back to society.

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