Can We Please Thank Our Teachers?

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From Aunt Nancy I learned how to tie my shoe.
Grandmother taught hooked on phonics. (drum tattoo)
“It is always right to be polite,” – Ms. Johnson.
“Good Boys Do Fine Always,” – Mrs. Simpson.

Mrs. Pitts in 2nd grade did magic with magnets.
Sister Gert kindly forced me not to bully in 4th.
Miss Degnan taught Tuesday detention in 5th.
Principle MacMonagle taught forgiveness, of course.

Mr. Koepf taught math, and also chess if you tried.
Ms. Kennedy taught Latin, and grammar on the side.
Mr. O’Meara taught the geeks to work as a team.
Ms. Porter said, “All this, but what does it mean?”

Ms. Foray chaparoned September 12th at Union Square.
Ms. Woodard taught us all to speak up and be sincere.
Mr. Soucek taught Le Martyre de saint Sébastien.
Mr. Robins taught that all literature is not lying.

And my Dad, in between me asking, telling me things
In the time the court decided he could be trusted, sings,
“It has to rhyme and also make sense, basically,
That’s it. We are troubadours, you and me”

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  1. I have a lot of teachers to thank. Top of the list: your father.

    Of course, sadly I have teachers who get no thanks at all. I guess the dead spots make us appreciate the committed ones all the more, huh?