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Blair, Rumsfeld or Wolfowitz: who’s the biggest dick?

Tony BlairIt’s a tough call. On the one hand, we have former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair whining to an unappreciative world that what’s going on in Iraq now—which appears to be a complete breakdown of whatever civil and military institutions somehow survived the US-led and UK-abetted invasion and occupation—has nothing whatsoever to do with him, nosiree. This has been greeted with the highly predictable derision it deserves, including from members of the Labour Party who made him their leader in the first place. Blair’s logorrhea first appeared on his faith foundation blog, which for some of us is just too juicy to not mention, and which I refuse to link to. (If you want to read his very long post, The Independent publishes it here—but I can’t imagine why you would.) I wouldn’t normally give much airplay to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s views on any subject, but, you know, he does have a way with words, calling Blair “unhinged” and telling him to “put a sock in it.”

Blair isn’t the only war criminal offering unsolicited advice, however. In the US, we already had Donald Rumsfeld blaming Obama on NPR. Why NPR keeps bringing these people back remains bewildering. At least he didn’t actually make much sense. And, guess what, he’s being called on stuff now. A couple of weeks ago he went on NPR’s Marketplace, and he got grilled by host Kai Ryssdal, who deserves a raise on the back of this.

But the grand prize for asshole of the year has to go to Paul Wolfowitz, one of the principal architects of the fiasco, who was so inept at whatever he touched that he couldn’t even ride out a sinecure position at the World Bank without blowing himself up. For some unknown reason he’s being trotted out by, of course, Meet The Press, where David Gregory lobbed him a softball, and got this aphasic jumble:

Gregory: Were you and others culpable of underestimating the level of sectarian violence, warfare in the country that creates the potential for this kind of terror states to develop today?

Wolfowitz: Look, you use the word sectarian so did Richard Engel, This is more than just the obscure Shia/Sunni conflict. This is al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda is not on the road of defeat, al-Qaeda is on the march. Not just in Iraq and Syria and we have real enemies in the US and what we should be looking for friends. I think when we stick with our friends and those friends are not always perfect, but we stuck with the Kurds for twenty years. Northern Iraq, Kurdistan is a success story. We stuck with them South Korea for sixty years. South Korea is a miracle story if we walked away from that country in 1953, that country was a basket case.

(HT to Crooks and Liars)

The “obscure Shia/Sunni conflict”? There is no hell hot enough for these people.

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    • The wonders of photoshop, I assume. Like most of those responsible for this debacle, I can’t imagine he would ever put himself in harm’s way.

  1. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld (and Bush/Cheney) should be looking out from inside a jail cell for war crimes.

  2. Don’t forget John McCain and Lindsey Graham not to mention Cheney and even Bremer coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Whole lot of assholes to consider who is #1.

  3. Blair has lot of Gaul trying to validate his part on the Illegal war- We ought post the Downing street memo’s where his own operatives destroy his credibility. Now as well Wolfowith and the entire bunch Of Iraqi War Criminals are chirping their 2 cents-They deserve a firing squad
    for treason, and genocide