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Mark Jackson needs self-awareness counseling

Fired Golden State head coach preaches the virtues of paying your dues, even though he never paid any himself.

Mark Jackson, until recently coach of the Golden State Warriors, was fired for clashing with, well, just about everyone in Golden State who wasn’t as evangelically zealous as himself.

That included one of his bosses, board member Jerry West, a highly rated former assistant who’s now a head coach, Michael Malone, and two of his assistants this past season, Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine and Darren Erman. Jackson tried to fire Scalabrine in front of the team and did fire Erman, who promptly was hired by the Celtics. In a recent radio interview, Jackson makes it clear why Scalabrine and Erman simply had to go: They weren’t willing to pay their dues.

“Some people, it’s not enough to go from being a bottom assistant to moving up another step and another step. Some people are anxious and excited to try to climb all the way to your seat. That’s unfortunate. Because whatever job I’ve been called to do, I want to do that job with everything in me, and have no eyes on anybody else’s job. That’s just not how I do business.”

For example, before taking on the job as head coach of the Warriors, Jackson paid his dues by….wait a minute. Jackson actually became an announcer after his playing days, and got the Warriors gig without ever having coached anything at all. Not college, not the NBDL, not as an assistant in the NBA. Nada. Looks like Mark, in addition to being a mediocre coach, isn’t so good at the whole self-awareness thing.

At least he has a good idea of why he was fired, right?

“I have not had bad relationships with anybody there,” Jackson said.

Maybe not Mark. You got fired. Apparently, you had a bad relationship with at least one person.

Oh well, at least he’ll get two million bucks to sit home for a year. That’ll give him time for other things—like running his church (he’s a licensed pastor) and dealing with strippers with whom he had extramarital affairs.

Perhaps he should also sign up for self-awareness counseling.

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